Tips To Heal From Winter Beauty Blunders

Tips To Heal From Winter Beauty Blunders

As the days start getting chilly and winters knock hard on our doors, many of us go lazy and get reluctant to follow our daily grooming habits. But, the worst happens when we start opting for wrong beauty practices in this season that eventually causes dry and dull skin, chapped lips, cracked feet and many more. Here are a few tips to help you keep your skin soft and supple this winter.

Extreme hot shower baths

Chilly weather outside tempts you to turn your morning shower for at least 20-25 minutes. Though, hot shower pleases your soul, it creates havoc on your skin. Hot water causes blood vessels under the skin to stretch which results in loss of moisture. Besides, hot water also takes out the natural oil from the body leaving it dry. So, turn down the heat as much as you can or bathe with Luke warm water if you cannot tolerate cold water. Also, after shower, gently pat your skin dry and apply a thick moisturizer for deeper hydration.

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Applying foundation on a flaky skin

Piling up foundation on a dry skin will invite more trouble, no matter how good it looks. In order to keep the skin smooth, exfoliate regularly with a scrub containing gentle beads and add a hydrating lotions or rich night creams. Exfoliation helps in regenerating the lower layers of the skin and keeps it hydrated.

Neglecting your hands and feet

Neglecting your hands and feet will make them look more chapped and cracked. Don’t forget to wear gloves and cotton socks to keep them protected from dry winters. Use mild, creamy soap and wash your hands/feet with lukewarm water and milk, as it would help in removing the dead skin. Also, go for manicure and pedicure to pamper your feet every six week.

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Using wrong lip balm

There’s no doubt that your lips get most chapped in winters. Avoid using petroleum jelly based products and those flavored, colored lip balms, as they create an artificial layer and prevent the skin from producing natural lipids that keep the lips hydrated. Also, avoid licking your lips as it causes them to dry further.

Opting dark lipstick shades

Applying dark lipstick shades isn’t mandatory in winters. Trendy and new bright lip colours happen to look great even in winters as long as you choose a complete and correct formula. For medium to dark skin, go for red or coral shades. If you have fair skin, go for colors like red-blue or hot-pink hue shades.

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Wrong soap based cleansers

Using harsh soap will leave your skin dry and patchy. In winters, when there is not enough moisture in the air, it’s essential to use a non-foaming cleanser like natural PH based handmade soap.

Not applying water-proof make up

Most of us relate water-proof make up with summers only. But when it’s windy outside, regular eye makeup can end up running down your cheeks. So, better switch to water-proof mascara/eyeliner and use a cream shadow topped with a powder of the same color. 

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