10 Times When Women Used Laws For All The Wrong Reasons


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10 Times When Women Used Laws For All The Wrong Reasons

Sexual harassment, dowry cases, domestic violence, molestation; whenever crimes like these are recalled, we start picturing a man being the primary cause of it. We just jump to the conclusion that it must be the criminal mind of a man because women are just naive to commit such crimes.

Yes, it is true that in our country, women have suffered a lot. But, that does not make it a universal fact that if there is a call for justice, it must be a cry of a woman. Women are well equipped to commit crimes too. Here we have a few examples of cases where women tormented men. The results were disastrous!

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#1. Impotent husband

Vandana Gurjar left her husband's home after three months of marriage claiming that her husband, Hemant Chhalotre and in-laws were molesting her for dowry. She also claimed that she could not consummate with Hemant. Though the court found that these charges were false and let the family free, Vandana again filed a case in the high court demanding a divorce. Her reason was that Hemant is impotent.

She was granted a divorce, but it was soon realised that all her charges were false. This brought great dishonour to Hemant's family. He was labelled 'unmarriageable' and had to suffer the scorn of the society.

Story Source: NDTV

#2. False dowry

Anjali Daragan, an executive with ITC, accused that her husband demanded a dowry of rupees 17 lakhs and has forcefully kept her jewellery and other bridal articles worth 20 lakh rupees. The husband, Nishant Saini, spent a few days in Tihar jail and lost his job as an architect. What really shocks in this case, is that a police officer helped Daragan.

Although Nishant had to suffer, he won the counter case. According to him, Anjali's family forced him to take money. He won the case and showed that women can also be wrong.

Story Source: DNA

#3. False rape case for job

A woman lodged an FIR with a false name and address stating that a man and his brother-in-law have raped her. According to her, she was promised a job, but was called to an isolated area and raped. The court soon realised that it was a false complaint as the woman never showed up to follow up her FIR. Everything had been a lie in the case, since the beginning.

No names were revealed, but it was explained that the man and his family were mentally scarred by this incident. The indecency of a woman played with the happiness of the entire family.

Story Source: Indian Express

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#4. Selling of organs for maintenance

A false dowry case by his wife forced Sunil Kumar to take a step that no one could imagine. Sunil was falsely accused by his wife in a dowry case and in order to give her the maintenance, he asked the President of India if he could sell his organs and body parts. Kumar presented all the evidence to the court, yet he had to spend some time in jail.

His mother, who was operated for a tumour, was also taken into custody and had a paralysis attack because of improper care in the jail. The sad part of the story is that he was denied justice continuously.

Story Source: Reddit

#5. False rape case that destroyed two lives

Prashant and Milind, two students of Amity university, paid a heavy price for a crime that they never committed. A friend of Prashant complained that he called her to watch a movie at his place. When she went there, he gave her an alcoholic drink to sedate her. He then took her to a secluded place where Milind joined him to gang rape her. She also filed a complaint about unnatural sex and mental torture.

Both the boys spent 1 year in jail and faced 2 years of continuous investigation by the police. It was then revealed that it was a false rape case as none of the medical reports tested positive for forced sex. Even the senior psychiatrist at AIIMS said that the prosecutrix faked mental illness.

Story Source: Indiatimes

#6. Rape case for rejection

A girl, who developed strong feelings for her sister's neighbour, accused the man of raping her for seven years. According to her, the man promised to marry her and continued to be physical with her.

During the cross examination, she confessed that the man never forced her to do anything and she filed this complaint because he did not accept her proposal to marry her. It was later revealed that the girl was never medically examined and built up the story after the man got married to someone else.

Story Source: Firstpost

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#7. A man killed and burnt in public

Sharifuddin Khan was accused of being a Bangladeshi immigrant and having raped a Naga girl. The crowd got so mad that they dragged the man out of the jail and beat him till he succumbed to death. He was burnt then and there. The girl charged him with a rape case saying that he took her to a hotel forcefully after having drugged her in the car.

Both the accusations turned out to be false as Khan was a resident of Assam and his father had served for the country during Kargil. For the second part, the CCTV footage showed him entering the hotel alone and that girl following him on his way out and was a cousin of his wife.

Story Source: Rajnikantvscidjokes

#8. False dowry case to avoid parents' wrath

Nisha Sharma who was supposed to marry Munish Dalal slapped a case for dowry on his face. According to her, Munish's mother asked for INR 12,00,000 when the procession came to her place for the wedding. She and her family also claimed that the mother of the groom beat Nisha's father. Munish's family had to suffer a lot, also because of the heavy media. But, when the truth broke, everyone was shocked.

It was later revealed that Nisha was married to Navneet Rai when she said yes to Munish. She accepted the offer to marry Munish only to avoid the fury of her family.

Story Source: Wikipedia

#9. Torture and suicide

Unnati's false accusation of domestic violence and molestation lead to her husband, Avadesh's suicide. This woman started threatening her in-laws just after a few weeks of her marriage saying that either they transfer property in her name or she would charge them for molestation, domestic violence and dowry. Although, Avadesh's family gave her a lot of chances, she did not change. After a few incidents, when Avadesh finally said that they should separate, Unnati's family started to threaten them too.

Ultimately, Avadesh lost his calm and took his own life. He was not able to take the stress and see his family go through all the torture.

Story Source: BollywoodShaadis

#10. Forced and well-planned marriage

When a wife, on the first night of the wedding, declares that she is in love with another man and her family knew about it, what is a husband supposed to do? Well, in this case, the husband acted like a true gentleman and took great care of her, but what she wanted was more than this. Either she kept crying in the bathroom asking the husband to live separately with her or she will cut her wrist. One day she took all the jewellery and returned to her maternal home. When the husband and his family asked for reconciliation, they were slapped with a notice saying that his parents, who, by the way, are bedridden. He was also accused of beating his in-laws and his wife for dowry, and having unnatural sex with her.

The husband was put directly into jail as the offence of having unnatural sex is non-bailable. While he was in there, his parents got worse. When he returned, he realised that he was thrown out of his job. Right now, hid condition is so poor that he has no money for food or health insurance.

Story Source: BollywoodShaadis

Yes, our country still needs to grow in terms of giving equal rights to women, but in the midst of the wave of feminism, we must not assume that only men can commit a crime. Feminism does not preach that women are fundamentally right and men are wrong. It states that both the sexes are equal; equally passive and aggressive. Women can be dangerous too.

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