11 Cute Reasons How We Continue To Spoil Our Husbands!


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11 Cute Reasons How We Continue To Spoil Our Husbands!

Men may not openly agree to it, but whether they do or not, the fact remains that they are completely dependent for most of their daily chores and routines on their wives. If it were not for their wives, their lives would not be as smooth as it seemingly is. Call it their sheer lazy nature to have someone else do their work or just something they like to do, for them, there is no life without wife! So, we bring you a list of things most women (both working and non-working) do for their husbands which make the latter totally dependent and spoilt as a little kid!

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#1. She tidies the place

Reasons How My Wife Has Totally Spoiled Me friends monica cleaning

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They leave their dirty shoes and socks all over the house and how can we not mention leaving the wet towels on the bed? So just imagine a house where the wife does not keep things organised for a day. The sight is nothing less than a pigsty if left completely to the men to clean.

#2. She organises his wardrobe

Reasons How My Wife Has Totally Spoiled Me finding right shirt

Well if it were not for her, he would have to spend an hour getting his look together for office every morning. After he takes out 10 shirts from his closet to finally choose one as a daily routine, it is his wife who puts his wardrobe in order for his convenience.

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#3. She reminds him important dates

how my wife spoils me

If left to the husbands, your near and dear ones will soon start maintaining a distance from you as you will always forget to wish them on their birthdays and anniversaries. The wives are the ones who not only keep the tab on important dates, but also remind the husbands about them.

#4. She knows where what is kept

Reasons How My Wife Has Totally Spoiled Me zindaagi gulzar hai fawad khan

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Men have some kind of aversion to the idea of cleanliness. They always pick up things and never put them back in their original places. Their day does not start without, ‘where is my wallet?’ or ‘where are my handkerchiefs?’

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#5. She cooks his favourite food

11 Reasons How My Wife Has Totally Spoiled Me hum aapke hain koun madhuri dixit salman khan

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They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and men are very fond of good food for which obviously, they depend on their lovely wives. But every wife too, knows well how to use that in her advantage.

#6. She knows when you are upset even if you do not tell her

Reasons How My Wife Has Totally Spoiled Me zindaagi gulzar hai fawad khan hum saath saath hain sonali bendre salman khan

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Men are not very expressive. They do not believe in venting out their feelings. But they get a sense of comfort when somehow even if they do not say it loud, the wife knows there is something wrong. And, that kind of connection and concern makes one feel really special, does it not?

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#7. She is a superwoman

11 Reasons How My Wife Has Totally Spoiled Me

She manages the house, takes care of his parents, brings up children, all of this along with her own work! That takes off a lot of stress and responsibilities off his shoulders for him to concentrate more on his work. What would they ever do without us, right?

#8. She helps out with finances

11 Reasons How My Wife Has Totally Spoiled Me

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If his wife is working, every man has a sense of security at the back of his mind about his family being financially secure. He may never ask her for her earnings and would want her to use or save it as per her choice, but she having the job is what brings the stability.

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#9. She keeps your house and your life going

Reasons How My Wife Has Totally Spoiled Me prem ratan dhan payo salman khan sonam kapoor

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A wife is what makes his house a home without him having to worry about a single thing only to come back home everyday to a neat and clean house, lovely food and a beautiful family.

#10. She gives you the affection you want without asking for anything in return

Reasons How My Wife Has Totally Spoiled Me kabhi khushi kabhie gham srk kajol

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Women have a selfless nature. They will sacrifice everything for the happiness of their family. A wife too gives her husband all the love, affection and care in the world without asking for or expecting anything in return and he realises that too! That is what makes him even more hung on to her!

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#11. She is the only one who tolerates your temper and mood changes

Reasons How My Wife Has Totally Spoiled Me chalte chalte

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Men and their moods are unpredictable. They might get angry on the silliest of things and keep calm during a huge fight. God has bestowed us women to calmly sway through these temper swings and be completely normal about them later. Who else would do that for them?

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All that being said, it is not only the men who depend on their wives, but the wives too love to do all of this for them. They might crib about having to do all this all the time but from deep within, they love to take care of their spoilt husbands and pamper them to the core. I hope all you husbands out there would most definitely agree with all these points. So, the next time you get angry with your wife, think of all these ways she spoils you and be grateful to God for having sent her to your life!

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