10 Stunning Jhoola Decor Ideas Borrowed From Real Weddings That Will Convince You To Have One Too


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10 Stunning Jhoola Decor Ideas Borrowed From Real Weddings That Will Convince You To Have One Too

This year’s shaadi season is just round the corner and if there’s anything a perfect wedding ensures, apart from the expensive trousseau to expensive rituals, is heap-loads of fun and frolic. However, it is actually the pre-wedding festivities, which is a source of absolute masti and dhamaka!

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Be it your sangeet night, cocktail party or mehendi ceremony, it is the pre-wedding rituals that you end up enjoying more than the actual wedding. And, what better way to spice up these functions other than adding ‘a swing’ (quite literally) to do some rocka-rolla! Swings have become the new ‘in’ thing this wedding season. So, let’s take a look at our easy suggestions to make your swing stand out and yet blend in during your pre and post wedding ceremonies.

#1. The wreath of beauty

Swing decor ideas

Image Courtesy: purpletreeevents

Can there be anything more romantic, softer and tenderer than this amazingly beautiful wreath? If you’re a sucker for romance, this swing is something you should definitely swing by! Decorated with beautiful white flowers and large green leaves, this swing not only looks heavenly but also incredibly romantic. This setting is perfect if you’re planning on wearing pastel-coloured outfits for your pre-wedding functions. You can also decorate the wreath complementing the colours of your outfit or you can choose to pair it with contrasting coloured leaves and flowers from your wedding attire. There’s no doubt that this beautifully decked upswing would make the night even more magical!

#2. Make your swing the showstopper

Swing Decor Ideas

Image Courtesy: dipak_studios

If you’re going to get married in a traditional, conservative wedding style; this old-styled swing décor would be a perfect fit. Just like the garlands you’d wear, decorate the swing with big, bold, vibrant coloured flowers and different types of leaves. You can also add strings of marigold or mogra in between other flowers to give it a more genuine and conventional look. The swing would look like it’s been lifted straight from a colourful garden. Pose with your fiance/to-be Mrs. on the swing to give your much-awaited wedding with that additional dose of fun!

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#3. Bring together dreamy green textures

Swing Decor Ideas
Image Courtesy: safarnamafilms

If you are one of those brides who do not wish to go all colourful and flowery but yet want to imbibe this ongoing trend of hanging swings, this one is for you! Opt for various leaves to deck up your swing with different textures of greens. This lush-decorated swing with the classic combination of bold, purple and white flowers would give the swing the push it needs to turn into a head-turner. You can also match the flowers with the colours of your outfit to make the swing blend in and look like an integral part of the festivities.

#4. Give your swing a trendy touch

Swing Decor Ideas

Image Courtesy: morpunkevents

Using big, bold flowers and combining them with different pastel textures is not your thing? Worry not! You can try out this particular style of decorating the swing: Use coloured glass and metal or coloured paper-cut designs to amplify the beauty of your swing. The use of paper-cut-designs does not only guarantee a cool and trendy touch but also ensures that you don’t burn a hole in your pocket. The cheap and economical option has emerged as a go-to option for many brides who don’t like the use of excessive flowers and leaves. This look will not only help your swing stand out but will also add an ethnic touch to your wedding.

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#5. Mix-n-match your swing

Swing Decor Ideas

Image Courtesy: radeshphotography

Well, it’s your wedding after all. If you don’t mind going completely bonkers and OTT, let us assure you honey, no one else would, either! For the brides who wish to have everything from the best of the world at their perusal on their wedding day, this swing decoration idea is definitely the thing you were looking for. A combination of colourful, beaming-with-life flowers, dreamy, green textured leaves with sassy and vibrant paper-cut-designs will make your swing a centre of attraction for all the guests out there. If you wish to astound everyone with something that’s strongly, visually appealing, this gorgeously decorated swing is crafted just for you.

#6. Go the classic way!

Image Courtesy: vivekkrishnanphotography

If yours is an outdoor wedding festivity, there’s no reason why you should not opt for this impeccable style of swing decoration. Use a broad or narrow but strong wooden plank and let the ropes of the swing be visible in bits and parts. Don’t cover the entire rope of the swings with flowers. Opt for large chunks of marigold flowers to decorate the swing. You can give the tree, from which the swing has been hung, a more colourful and vibrant makeover. The idea is to basically give the swing a rustic, unconventional look; while the tree looks as decked up as the bride.

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#7. An elegant, dreamy background

Swing Decor Ideas

Image Courtesy: josephradhik

Have you ever seen a swing which looks even remotely as beautiful as this one? Well, neither have we. And hence, no doubt that this marvellously decorated swing finds its place in our list. This gentle and refreshingly decorated, white swing which comes with shades contrasted with a heavily decked-up floral background would certainly leave an impression on all your guests. The brilliant use of flowers and the colour of swing to contrast and yet complement each other is just unbeatable. The lively and vivacious background would turn each of your pictures into a classic, elegant and memorable shot.

#8. The cosy, romantic swing

Swing Decor Ideas

Image Courtesy: ElementsCelebrate

If you’re a sucker for romance, fairytale, some candle lights and lots of magic- this one is just right for you. Move over the trend of adding flowers, leaves and other paper designs to the swing. Why can’t we go for lights and lamps instead? Not only does it sound dreamy but it looks dreamy too (trust me on this!). You can either use strings of fairy lights to cover the ropes of the swing or you can also use a single, big lamp above the swing to give it a more powerful look. Try to play around by using different series of coloured lights and tie it all across the two ropes. 

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#9. Use the swing to display your magnificent wedding cake

Swing decor ideas

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

The swing is not necessarily just for you and your loved ones, you can actually use the swing as a display to put other important things on show – like your wedding cake! This is so trending with weddings these days. Besides, it is super-easy and fun to do so! Play around with the use of swing by displaying a cake on it. You can choose to decorate the swing with flowers, leaves, paper designs, lights and then place the cake with just one huge candle on it. In any case, the swing would accentuate the beauty of the cake and for all those who had been waiting to dig into it, perhaps the taste too!

#10. Use it as a serving tray

Swing Decor Ideas

Image Courtesy: purpletreeevents

Last but not the least, use the swing to act as a tray. This could be a perfect fit during your cocktail party as you can place all the drinks on the swing with a little bit of decoration. What say?             

Be it a pre-wedding shoot, post-wedding shoot, some classic wedding shots or just some cosy romantic shots; a swing would undoubtedly add some desi twist to your wedding saga. Prepared to take a ride on your swinging chariot? You sure are!

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