Easy Hacks For Dusky Brides To Flaunt The Right Colours On Their Wedding Day


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Easy Hacks For Dusky Brides To Flaunt The Right Colours On Their Wedding Day

Most Indian women are blessed with olive or tanned complexion. But, what the world calls exotic, can often be a reason for worry for some brides-to-be. While shopping for their wedding wear or trousseau, some women can have a doubt about which colours would suit their complexion best.

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Many believe in the notion that any and every colour suits only the fair complexion. If you too are one of those, then let us assure you that you will soon be proven wrong. Read to know how brides with a dusky complexion can carry almost any colour with panache when worn right.

#1. Look regal in red

Red is a brides' favourite when it comes to Indian weddings. But if you thought that only fair-skinned girls look pretty in red, think again. With the correct shade, fabric and silhouette, red can make you look like a diva in no time. Just make sure that you don’t pick too earthy, deep red shades, like maroon, brick or burgundy. Crimson, vermillion, scarlet, etc. are the brighter and warmer versions that will accentuate your skin tone.

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#2. Pretty in pink

Almost all girls love pink. So why not have it for your wedding outfits? No, you need not have a peaches-and-cream complexion to do that! While candy pink, rose pink, coral and peach can be your best bets, you can even try hot pink, fuchsia, etc. if you want to make a bright and bold fashion statement. See (below) how the dusky diva, Esha Deol, carried pink effortlessly at her wedding reception.

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#3. Go green

In some Indian communities, the bride is required to wear green at the wedding. Green is one colour that can make any girl worry about carrying it right. But the little known fact is that green can look great, if you choose the right shade to complement your complexion. Just stay away from super bright or neon greens, and you cannot fail. If you choose olive green or bottle green, you are bound to look like a stunner. 

#4. Choose the unconventional

Did you know that rather than going the traditional way, you can choose the more unconventional colours, and still look absolutely stunning? Given the current bridal fashion trends, straight off the ramp, colours like black, white, ivory, grey, etc. are a rage; and modern brides-to-be seem to love this new experiment. The best part is that these colours suit the tanned complexion the best! Of course, if you wish to avoid these for the main wedding day, you can wear them for your pre and post-wedding functions. The best way to add to the charm of these colours is to have hints of bright colours added on.

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#5. Make any colour work wonders for you

Once you choose the perfect colour for your big day, make sure you don’t forget the following points, to make that colour work best for you:

  • Be very sure that you choose the colour of your outfit depending on the season in which your wedding is. For example, wear lighter hues and pastels for a summer wedding, and deeper, bolder colours if your wedding is in winters.
  • Let the fabrics be soft and flowing. Too much bulk with many layers or stiff brocades can give loud look.
  • When it comes to the blouse or choli, stay away from a high-neck and long sleeves. In case you opt for dark colours, tone down the look by wearing either a sleeveless, cap-sleeves or short-sleeved blouses.
  • For the embellishments too, go easy, rather than covering yourself in embroidery from top to toe. Too much of anything can look loud for any complexion, body type or personality.
  • As far as possible, stay away from neons. Not only will they appear too flashy, but will make you look much darker than you actually are.

You have been blessed with the most exotic skin tone. Just choose the perfect styles and colours, and flaunt them right with confidence to look like a million dollar bride.

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