These Pics Of Shweta Tiwari's Babies Palak And Reyansh Tell That Step-Siblings Can Bond Too


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These Pics Of Shweta Tiwari's Babies Palak And Reyansh Tell That Step-Siblings Can Bond Too

The relationship of a brother and sister when comes, we can say, they are ‘partners in crime.’ You both are best of friends and can share anything and everything. In some cases, the age gap between the two is of many years. In such cases, if the brother is elder, he is more like a father figure. On the other hand, if the sister is elder, she will be more like a mother figure. Nonetheless, the love and connection between the two remain exactly the same with a little bit of more pampering towards the younger one. But what if these siblings are step-siblings? Awkward or what? Confused and can’t answer.

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Shweta Tiwari, Palak Tiwari and Reyansh Kohli

Well, breaking all the myths and stereotypes, we have a jodi of celeb siblings who are stepping ones, but their bond is something else and out of this world. We are talking about none other than famous television actress Shweta Tiwari and her two babies Palak Tiwari and Reyansh Kohli. These two lovelies prove all the ‘labels’ of step-siblings wrong. Their love for each other is so strong and rightly to say, irreplaceable. Here, we have a few pictures of Palak and Reyansh proving that their bond is something really very special.

#1. For the love was blooming when he was in mumma’s tummy!

Shweta Tiwari and Palak Tiwari

Just like any other elder sister, even Palak was very excited to welcome her younger sibling. Who knew it would be a bhaiya and she will be an elder sister to Reyash. Did you notice the excitement on Palak’s face in this picture?

#2. The first Rakshabandhan with all the pomp and show!

Palak Tiwari and Reyansh Kohli

This is indeed one of the cutest pictures of Palak and Reyansh. This snap clearly shows how much they adore and love each other. Also, notice the way mommy Shweta is happy to see both of them celebrating their first Rakshabandhan. In fact, Shweta was the one who shared this picture on Instagram along with this heart-warming caption ever:

“After 16 years of falsely claiming my brothers, my daughter finally has her own little bodyguard, who loves her infinitely. Their bond is inexplicable in its own beautiful, delicate way. Seeing them love each other and grow fond of each other with every passing hour is a true boon, that I'm eternally grateful for. To every Lavu out there and her Reyansh, a very happy Rakahabandhan .

(I know I'm awfully late, but I'm a greedy mother who can't get enough of her children) @palaktiwarii @abhinav.kohli024”

#3. And these babies are Snapchaters too!

Palak Tiwari and Reyansh Kohli

Lovely sister Palak loves clicking pictures so how can baby Reyansh stay behind? This bhen-bhai ki jodi is one of a kind. We are loving the way Palak is making him addicted to using Snapchat when he was just a few months old.

#4. No need of baby car seat ‘coz I love my didi’s lap

Palak Tiwari and Reyansh Kohli

And she too loves to take care of him when they are travelling in the car. Isn’t this picture an adorable one? We are loving the way Reyansh is cuddled up in sister Palak’s arms. How secure he is feeling!

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#5. And we share masti wala bond too!

Palak Tiwari and Reyansh Kohli

These two Palak and Reyansh are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful siblings in this entire world. It seems that Palak loves carrying him and taking care of him all the time, and Reyansh is the happiest when he is with his pretty didi. When Palak tells him how to pose, he is nailing it with that swag. Look at his expressions (*wink*)!

#6. I feel secure when she is around, and she is best at it!

Palak Tiwari and Reyansh Kohli

A brother-sister relationship is a love-hate one, but here it seems that there is so much of love that hate isn’t in their dictionary (*touchwood*). We wish this stays like this all their lives!

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#7. I love to carry him as he is always happy with me!

Palak Tiwari and Reyansh Kohli

Just like a motherly figure, Palak makes sure that Reyansh is happy all the time. And top of that for Reyansh, it is just her di Palak who can make him smile. Such posers they are!

#8. We love clicking pictures together

Palak Tiwari and Reyansh Kohli

Do you know how a lovely, adorable and classy close-up picture with your siblings is clicked? Well, fret not! We have the prettiest looking siblings Palak and Reyansh who would let you know. Elder sister’s happiness and younger brother’s innocence, everything in one single frame.

#9. We take care of each other so well!

Palak Tiwari and Reyansh Kohli

Was this a random click or the posed one? Keep guessing! Nonetheless, the depth of Palak’s love for Reyansh and vice-versa is clearly evident in this picture. Isn’t it?

#10. Lots and lots of kisses everywhere!



When you love your little brother from the bottom of your heart, you just can’t shower him with kisses. And when the baby is as cute and soft as a cotton ball like Reyansh, then you might be unstoppable until the baby gets irritated. Check out the about clip and you will come to know what we are trying to say!

#11. We are a happy family (though our daddy is missing in this)!


A post shared by Palak Tiwari (@palaktiwarii) on


With a loving mother, a caring father, the dearest sister and the coolest brother, how won’t a family be a happy one. Just like that meet these lovelies though papa Abhinav Kohli is missing in this video, but this short clip says a lot. In fact, along with this video that Palak posted on her Instagram account, she poured her heart out. Here it is:

“Dear Reyansh,

I cant tell you how immensely lucky you got with your parents, your mother, our mother. Being your senior by 16 years in this matter i can assure you that this lady here will do everything humanly possible just to give you a scintilla of happiness. As the years will pass, you will take this day to acknowledge her as well. Her, who every single day, deals with you and your true imbecile of a sister. As of now, i give her a million reasons to disown me but its her innate desire to keep pushing me until I, someday, hopefully become 1/100 of her pristine soul and samaritan self. See, there well be times, inevitably, when you won't agree with her, when you'll think she's really not aware of what she's doing (trust me, ive been there) but she will always be right. You need to cherish her because someone capable of giving such extensive amount of love, deserves nothing less. Here's to you mom, i love you so much @shweta.tiwari”

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Don’t Palak and Reyansh make such cute and lovely siblings? We couldn’t stop drooling over their pictures and the way they reflect love and respect for each other. What do you guys have to say on this, do let us know in the comments section below!

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