Sreesanth Steps Out For Fun Evening With Wife Bhuvneshwari And Kids Sanvika And Suryasree [VIDEO]


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Sreesanth Steps Out For Fun Evening With Wife Bhuvneshwari And Kids Sanvika And Suryasree [VIDEO]

With his outstanding game plan and commendable performance, former cricketer, Sreesanth, reached the finals of Bigg Boss 12 and became the first runner up of the season. All his fans loved the way he played his game on the show, but yes, they of course got disheartened since he didn’t bag the trophy. Nonetheless, he is high on life these days as he is back with his family after months. (You May Also Like: Mohammad Azharuddin Reveals That He Fell For Former Wife, Sangeeta Bijlani At The Very First Sight)

For the ones who don’t know, Sreesanth got married to Bhuvneshwari Kumari of Jaipur's Shekhawat family at Guruvayur Sri Krishna temple in Kerala. The couple together have two lovely kids, a daughter and a son, Sree Sanvika Sreesanth and Suryasree Sreesanth, respectively. Bigg Boss as it may seem on-screen is not at all easy and only the ones who have been inside can feel it. Now that Sree is out of the house, he is making sure that he spends much time with his family.

Sreesanth cries after watching wife's video message

Recently, Sreesanth got captured by the paparazzi on the Mumbai streets as he was out for a fun evening with wifey, Bhuvneshwari, Sanvika and Suryasree. Below is the video as well as the picture of this lovely and cutesy family that we adore whenever we see them together. In the video, we can see all happy faces except one and that is of baby Suryasree, who looks a bit cranky. Checkout:



Sharing about his Bigg Boss journey and what sort of experience he had, Sreesanth lately remarked, “I think Bigg Boss happened to me at a very important point in my career. It was important and I am happy to have been a part of it. I have no problems that Dipika Kakar won. Frankly, I had reached a point inside the house when I eventually wanted the lights to shut off. I just wanted to go back to my wife and kids.”


He further went on to add, “I wanted to do that in the first two weeks of the show only, but Anup Jalota made me understand to face the challenges in life. If people say things about me, my friends and family- I will react. However, reactions will very outside and inside. I said let me take up the challenge to win the trophy. There are certain parameters that should not have been crossed- but certain contestants did, and no action was taken.” (Checkout: Sania Mirza Talks About Becoming Mother To Izhaan Mirza Malik, Her Pregnancy Journey And Much More)


Bhuvneshwari has been quite vocal outside about all the deeds that took place inside the house. In an interview after Dipika Kakar won the title, she was quoted as saying, "I am not someone who decides that is up to Dipika to decide who she wanted to give credit to and definitely she won it was public who voted for her. But I will not give Sreesanth credit but I would say yes she wasn't seen without Sree. I am not talking as a wife but as a viewer. Initial 10 episodes she didn't had many contributions but later on, she did too pretty well. I would not say that the credit of her victory goes to Sreesanth."


Earlier, there was a time when Dipika mistakenly nominated Sreesanth. Talking about the same, she retorted, “Jab unhone Sree ka naam liya elimination ke liye, to wo definitely wo jo reason unhone dia wo bahut convincing nahi laga. So, it was very shocking for me. Bigg Boss ne bahut clearly bola tha apke hisaab se kis insaan ka yogdaan abhi tak sabse kam raha hai. Naaki ye bola tha k ikon ghar jana chahta hai aura ap uska naam lijiye. Agar aap ye dhyan m rakhte hain ki Sree ne bola ghar jana hai to apko ye bhi dhyan rakhna chahiye tha ki Sree ne bola main finale mein apke opposite rahunga.” (Also Read: Jasleen Matharu And Anup Jalota Pose For Happy Selfie After All The Publicity Prank In Bigg Boss)

This is such a happy-go-lucky family and we wish all the happiness for them!

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