Sreesanth's Daughter Gives Flying Kiss To Media As The Family Arrives For A B'Day Party [Video]


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Sreesanth's Daughter Gives Flying Kiss To Media As The Family Arrives For A B'Day Party [Video]

Bigg Boss 12 finalist, Sreesanth has become everyone’s favourite. He was earlier as well, but after his outstanding gameplay on the controversial reality show, Bigg Boss, he has bagged a lot more fans. And currently, he can be seen on Khatron Ke Khiladi season 9, where too, he was seen doing a good job but got eliminated. Not only an amazing performer on the professional front, Sreesanth is his family and especially kids' favourite too, courtesy the fact that he is an amazing son, a loving husband and a caring father.

Sreesanth is married to his long-time girlfriend, Bhuvneshwari Kumari of Jaipur's Shekhawat family. Sree’s marriage was a completely close-knit affair at Guruvayur Sri Krishna temple in Kerala. Rumours were rife that not even cricketers were invited. But soon a source then quoted, “Sreesanth had invited the cricketers to his wedding. But since they are in South Africa for the 3rd ODI, they could not attend the do. I don’t know whether he received any personal message from the cricketers wishing the newly-wedded couple”. (You May Also Like: Kashmera Shah's Twins Goof Up In Front Of Media, One Even Shoos Them Away [VIDEOS])

Sreesanth cries after watching wife's video message

Nonetheless, Sreesanth is now a happily married man, having wife Bhuvneshwari by his side always. Sree and Nain ji (as the cricketer lovingly calls his wife) together have two lovely kids, a daughter and a son named, Sanvika and Suryasree, respectively. Recently, Sreesanth along with his wife and kids arrived to attend a birthday bash. The family looked super-cute together, as they posed for the shutterbugs. But what caught everyone’s attention and made us all go ‘aww’ was Sree’s little daughter Sanvika’s flying kiss to the media. Yes, the little girl who was looking like a princess in her pastel coloured frock, made us all go aww. Here’s the video, followed by some pictures:




When Sreesanth was inside the Bigg Boss house, his kids were missing their dear daddy. And when they got to meet him during family week, their happiness knew no bounds. Talking about the same, Bhuvneshwari said, “They were really excited to meet Sree. My daughter started crying saying she wants to see her father again. At home, I don’t allow them to watch the show as they are too young. Though, I keep downloading a few clips and showing them. My mother-in-law’s blood pressure shot up recently when Surbhi was badmouthing Sree. So I had to even uninstall the Voot app from her phone. Apart from that, the entire family loves watching the show.” (Also Read: Sara Ali Khan's Reaction On Kareena Kapoor Khan A.K.A. Poo As Her Stepmom Is Every Fan Ever [Video])

Bhuvneshwari Kumari and Sreesanth

Sreesanth’s wife is a very strong woman who is opinionated and vocal about her thoughts. Talking about Sreesanth’s game plan, Bhuvneshwari earlier stated, “He is not playing any game. That’s my problem. I sometimes feel angry at his innocence and honesty. People who know Sree would vouch that he is just like this outside Bigg Boss too. He is a very emotional person. And when he gets angry, he does lose his calm and may even abuse. But he has no malice in his heart.” (Do Check: Shahid Kapoor Reveals The Most Important Person In His Life, And It's Not Mira, Misha Or Zain Kapoor)


Talking about the hard time the former-cricketer has gone through during the show, Buvneshwari said, “It pinches my soul to see him go through so much. Every time he breaks down, it’s an emotional turmoil for all of us. But I am amazed at the way fans have been showering love on Sree. They are his real strength. Every guest, who has been on the show has lauded Sree. It shows that people are enjoying his game. I really hope Sree too manages to come out stronger and as a winner of Bigg Boss 12.”


Sreesanth was also targeted for his past inside the house, which Bhuvneshawari termed as mean. On this, she was quoted as saying, “It’s mentioned in the contract that personal issues will not be brought up. What Sree has gone through is really unfortunate, and I pray that no one has to ever face the same. He has been given a clean chit by the court and discharged after they couldn’t find any evidence to start a trial. Yes, we are fighting in the court but that’s against BCCI regarding the lifetime ban. I think a few housemates have found his weak nerve and keep pushing him to react. It would hurt any person if they keep talking about the worst days of their life”. (Don't Miss: Ayushmann Khurrana Gave Pleasant Surprise To Tahira Kashyap On Her B'Day Despite Having Limited Time)

Don’t you think Sreesanth’s lovely daughter, Sanvika will be a star one day? Do keep us posted!

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