Sonam Kapoor Ahuja's Husband, Anand Ahuja Reveals One Thing For Which He Teases Her And It's Funny

Sonam K Ahuja and Anand S Ahuja are perfect exemplars of 'opposites attract' and 'steady relationship'. The duo never fails to give major inspiration to all the millennial couples.


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Sonam Kapoor Ahuja's Husband, Anand Ahuja Reveals One Thing For Which He Teases Her And It's Funny

In an era of breakups and patchups, there are certain couples who make us believe that the concept of true love and steady relationships still exits. Gone are the days when we used to write letters and send them across to the person we had a crush on, now the trend of tags and comments have taken over the essence of good old love confession days. Earlier, girls/boys used to be shy for months before confessing their feelings for the other person and now it is only a matter of click and tag and within few seconds the other person will know about your feelings. (Recommended Read: Arpita Khan Sharma And Aayush Sharma's Fifth Wedding Anniversary Bash Was A Dual Celebration)

Who can forget #EverydayPhenomenal which had gone viral in May 2018? Sonam Kapoor broke many hearts by tying the knot with her long-time beau, Anand Ahuja in May 2018. A complete fashionista, Sonam had married a businessman, Anand, who is the complete opposite of her and still never fails to make us blush with their social media PDA and mushy captions. The duo was in a long-distance relationship earlier and now in a long-distance marriage but still manage to take out time for each other and make each moment memorable for one another. Sonam and Anand have made us believe that if there is love in the relationship then no obstacle can be of problem.

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja and Anand S Ahuja

Anand Ahuja has always praised his wifey, Sonam K Ahuja for her bold decisions and career choices and never leaves a chance to compliment her. As per a report by Pinkvilla, in an interview, Anand reveals one thing for which he teases his wife, Sonam. When Anand was asked about Sonam’s fashion and style statement and was asked to name one fashion fad that he doesn't understand, Anand went on to reveal how his wife is really versatile with her clothes and footwear and her fashion choices are something that they both have always admired. However, he did go on to say how there is this one thing he really teases her about and that is her posting all these photos of the gifts she gets, and he is left wondering how can someone do that, and it leaves him confused.

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja and Anand Sonam Ahuja

Sonam K Ahuja is considered one of the most fashionable female celebrity of Bollywood. And her hubby, Anand Ahuja has always admired her fashion sense and has been seen praising her in interviews and media interactions. Anand, during the interview, revealed one thing for which he teases Sonam. As per the report, during the interview, Anand also spoke about her earlier fashion. Her revealed how Sonam has had this Goth phase while she was young and if she would put on a black lipstick or similar looks, he would really tease her about it. (Suggested Read: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Gets Trolled For Putting Makeup On Aaradhya Bachchan On Her Birthday)

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja And Anand S Ahuja

Sonam K Ahuja was last seen in the movie, The Zoya Factor and during one of the promotional events, she had revealed who her lucky mascot is? A PTI report had quoted Sonam sharing the details. Sonam had shared, “My husband is my lucky mascot.” On September 19, 2019, Anand Ahuja also shared who he considers his lucky mascot. He had taken to his Instagram handle and had recreated their wedding day pose, in which he could be seen bowing down on his knees, holding Sonam’s hand, who could be seen blushing. Anand had captioned the images as “girlfriend, best friend, wife, life partner, #LUCKYCHARM. (Five in one). #ZoyaFactor #EverydayPhenomenal.” Sonam had adorably replied to the post and had written, “I love you so so much my darling nothing compares to you", followed by a heart emoji. 

sonam and anand

sonam and anand

sonam and anand

Sonam K Ahuja and Anand S Ahuja's marriage had initially started with talking only on social media. Since then, they have had maintained their long-distance relationship and marriage like how! Anand had recently shared with a magazine about their idea of a blissful marriage and was quoted as saying, "When it comes to marriage, small things matter a lot. We eat meals together, even if we are in different time zones, on Skype. We also actively make sure that we don’t go over two weeks without seeing each other."

sonam and ananad

In an interview with Filmfare, Sonam had shared, how she and Anand ended up together. She had revealed, “My friends were trying to set me up with Anand’s best friend. That’s how I met him. The first time I met Anand was while I was busy with the promotions of Prem Ratan Dhan Payo (2015). One evening my friends conned me into visiting a bar at the Taj. I went there quite irritated. When I reached there, I realised my friends had called these two-three boys whom I had no interest in meeting. I was like, ‘I don’t want to date anybody. I don’t believe in marriage and all this nonsense’. I saw Anand and his friend. His friend was tall like me, liked reading like me and was a huge fan of Hindi movies. He was an educated and a nice guy. But he reminded me too much of my brother Harsh (Kapoor). I was like, ‘Dude, he’s Harsh. I’m not going to date this guy’.”

Sonam and anand

Sonam had also recalled the first message that Anand had sent to her at 2:30 am. She had said, “Then one day I got a Facebook request from Anand saying, “Hey! Are you still single? Because so and so is still single and if you’re ever in London, please connect with him.” That message came at 2:30 am. I messaged him saying that first you shouldn’t be messaging me so late in the night. I’m like a schoolteacher in matters like these. Don’t mess with me so late in the night. And if the friend is interested then he should message me himself. Why are you messaging me? That’s how the conversation started. We began talking on the phone. Then we met. Two weeks later, we were talking on the phone when I asked him, “Do you still want me to talk to your friend?” He said, “No, No! Not at all. Talk to me. I’m keeping you for myself.” (Also Read: Kriti Kharbanda Finally Reveals Her Relationship Status With Her 'Pagalpanti' Co-Star, Pulkit Samrat)

Sonam and anand

Aren’t Sonam K Ahuja and Anand S Ahuja just made for each other couple? Keep us posted.

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