The Health Benefits Of Drinking 'Fruits Infused Water', The Ultimate Weight Loss Secret


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The Health Benefits Of Drinking 'Fruits Infused Water', The Ultimate Weight Loss Secret

When it comes to weight loss, drinking plenty of water is the most important thing. And, why not? It cleanses your system naturally, helping your body to become healthier. But, let us admit it! Drinking 8-10 glasses of water daily can get boring sometimes. Which is why, it is perfectly fine to add some natural sweet flavour to the water to keep you going. And how can you do that? Well, with fruits infused water.

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Water infusion is a new way to add some interesting twist to your H2O, without compromising on your health. Just scroll down to know all about this interesting concept and its benefits.

What is fruits infused water?

The result of fruits immersed and squeezed in cold water to release its juices for maximum health benefits is fruits infused water. The best thing is that this healthy beverage can also be made with your favourite combination of vegetables and herbs.

This refreshing drink is overloaded with the goodness of fruits and its vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and many other nutrients. And, the best part is that you can drink it any time during the day or throughout the day, without any guilt, to keep yourself hydrated. It is a healthier and tastier choice than those market drinks, which are loaded with sugar.

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Benefits of fruit infused water

  • This detox water is packed with more nutrients than your regular water, making it a healthier option.
  • Since it has no calories, it can help you to keep your weight in check.

  • It makes you feel fuller for a longer period of time, which means no more junk food.
  • It helps in keeping diseases like diabetes, cold, flu, joint pain and heart disease at bay.

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  • It helps in slowing down the aging process due to powerful anti-oxidants present in the infused water, and increases collagen production.

  • It boosts your metabolism, helps in better digestion and in getting rid of toxins.
  • The fruit-flavoured water will also help you to tackle your sweet cravings.

  • It helps your body to transport oxygen and nutrients in a better way.
  • It keeps your body hydrated, helping you to recuperate faster after the workout.

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Instructions to make fruits infused water

Slice the fruits and place them in the bottom of the jar. Crush them slightly. Cover the rim of the jar with ice, pour water till the jar is full and seal the lid.

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Wait for 30 minutes-1 hour before sipping the drink. And tada! Your cool refreshing drink is ready to be relished.

Things to keep in mind

Although, making your own detox water is simple, but there are a few things, which you should keep in mind while immersing the fruits.

  • Try to choose organic products.
  • Wash the fruits properly to get rid of any chemicals, pesticides or any other foreign elements.
  • Do not use hot water, only use cold or room-temperature water.
  • Make the drink in glass bottles or infusing pitchers/bottles. Do not use plastic.

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  • Cut thin, thick or bite-sized pieces of softer fruits like strawberry, mango etc., and cut very thin slices of harder fruits like apple as they take longer to release flavours.
  • When it comes to ginger, make sure you crush it a bit so that its juice can dissolve easily.
  • Do tear or crush leafy herbs like mint or basil to release their oils.

  • Do not infuse water at room temperature for more than 2 hours. Put it in refrigerator after 2 hours to avoid bacterial growth.
  • Apple, cinnamon, ginger and rosemary needs to be soaked overnight in the fridge.
  • Make sure to peel the skin of the citrus fruits before soaking else, it will make the water taste bitter after 3-4 hours.

Some combinations of fruits that you can try

There are various combinations of fruits that you can try to get maximum benefits. They are:

  • Orange, lemon and ginger

  • Cucumber and grapes
  • Apple and cinnamon
  • Lime, strawberry and cucumber

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  • Mint and pineapple
  • Kiwi and cucumber

  • Watermelon and mint
  • Orange and blueberry

  • Strawberry, lemon and basil
  • Lemon and mint
  • Lemon, raspberry and rosemary

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You can make various other combinations to fancy up your water. Just put in your favourite fruits and enjoy your drink. Try these delicious miracles once, and you will not be able to thank us enough for introducing them to you. So, go ahead, enjoy this healthy recipe, and tell us how much you liked it in the comments section below.


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