Shweta Tiwari Talks About Mother's Guilt Syndrome, Reveals Why Her House Is Called 'Sita Ka Ghar'

Shweta Tiwari talked about mom's guilt syndrome and revealed why her house is called 'Sita ka ghar' by neighbours. Check out!


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Shweta Tiwari Talks About Mother's Guilt Syndrome, Reveals Why Her House Is Called 'Sita Ka Ghar'

Television actress, Shweta Tiwari is one of the most famous faces on the small screen. The actress has garnered immense love with her acting chop in popular shows like Kasautii Zindagi Kay, Mere Dad Ki Dulhan and many more. Shweta had also lifted the trophy of Bigg Boss Season 4. However, her personal life was not a bed of roses. According to reports, the actress was married to Raja Choudhary at the early age of 18. 

They both have a daughter named Palak Tiwari, who was just 12 years old when the duo got divorced. Though in many old interviews, Shweta had opened up about the domestic violence she had faced in her abusive marriage, in a recent interview, she mentioned how she could not give enough attention to Palak because of the chaos going on in her personal life.

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In an interview with the ETimes, Shweta Tiwari shared that people call her house Sita ka ghar because mostly female members live in her house. And every one of them has a tragic life story to share. From Shweta herself to her mom and her daughter, Palak, everyone’s life had hit rock bottom at some point in time.

In her words:

“Not many people know this but my real house is known as ‘Sita ka ghar’ by people who live close by or our neighbours. They call it ‘Sita ka ghar’ because we only have a majority of women in our house. My mother, my daughter, my maids and each one of us have faced some kind of disturbance in our life. Whether it is related to husband, family, daughters, there’s something going on and our house is full of ladies. I have my father who’s very old and my son.“


Further, in the conversation, the actress shared how her mother has always helped her manage her professional and personal life. She also mentioned how her younger son, Reyansh, visits her on the sets after school and lives with her in her vanity van.

She said:

“Earlier when I was doing Kasautii Zindagii Kay, my mother would take care of my kids. And later I realised that in this industry balancing both personal and professional life is not very tough. It is not like a proper office when you are going and you are stuck there for 9 hours. Here I get time in between and on the set we have vanity vans which had two compartments. My one room is always ready for my son. He goes to school and then comes back to the sets directly in the evening. He stays with me on the sets, has his food, does his homework and returns home with me, has dinner and sleep.”

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In the same interview, Shweta expressed her guilt and recalled how she could not give enough attention to Palak during her childhood due to her feud with Raja Choudhary. Shweta can be quoted as saying:

“I have always felt the mother’s guilt. Especially when my daughter was growing up. During those days I didn’t have that much understanding of how to take care of my daughter. I was not in a very great position to demand from the production houses, the perks, I also didn’t have time. Whatever time I would get it would get wasted because of my messed up situation in my personal life. I have given very less time to Palak, but I sometimes feel relieved that I was able to spend some quality time with her.”


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