Shaleen Opened Up About His Equation With Ex-Wife Daljeet After Their Ugly Divorce


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Shaleen Opened Up About His Equation With Ex-Wife Daljeet After Their Ugly Divorce

Relationships coming to an end and marriages ending in divorces is a common thing in the glamorous world of Bollywood and television. In 2016, we came to know about a couple whose marriage was on the rocks.

We are talking about Shaleen Bhanot and Daljeet Kaur who ended their 6 years of marriage. Daljeet even filed a police complaint against Shaleen for physically abusing her.

Take a look at how Daljeet Transformed After Her Separation From Shaleen

After that, the two decided to legally file for a divorce. The two are separated legally now and custody of their son, Jaydon is with Daljeet. After being accused of being a terrible husband and irresponsible father, Shaleen opened up about the ugly divorce and what is he upto these days!

The actor who will soon be seen playing a historical character on-screen shared his equation with ex-wife Daljeet and son Jaydon. He said:

"I am in a happy space right now. I meet my son almost every day and that just keeps me so happy. I get to play with him, enjoy with him. So I am extremely elated."

Talking about his ex-wife, Shaleen further added:

"Oh we are on good terms and are great friends. They are my family irrespective of whatever happened and it's my duty to keep them happy. During the wedding, I had promised Dalljiet that I will give her whatever she wants. And I have been following that. She wanted a marriage, I gave her that, she wanted to separate, I gave her that too. We don't have any negativity or bitterness amongst us and both make sure that it never affects our son."

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Although Shaleen and Dalljiet's separation began on an ugly note, it seems like the two have kept their differences aside for their son. They have ended their marriage on an amicable note.

After his failed marriage, is Shaleen sceptical about the idea of marriage and relationship? Shaleen promptly said:

"Oh No! When you learn to ride a cycle, you fall and do hurt yourself, but you don't give up on it. Rather you get up and brace yourself for yet another try. That's exactly what is happening with me. Yes, I am dating (pauses), before you think anything else, let me tell you, I am dating my son, I am in a strong relationship with him (laughs). I am getting to explore myself as a father and be with him."

Shaleen is currently in a very positive frame of mind. He further added:

"You know you need to buck up and make sure that you are back to life with much positivity. Every experience in life teaches you something or other. Whether good or bad, it does transform you. But what's more important is to come out better than before and take every good and bad in life as a learning lesson."

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We are happy to see you this sorted and happy in life, Shaleen. We are glad to see this couple has decided to keep their bitterness aside for the good upbringing of their son!