Sania Mirza's Son, Izhaan Pretends To Like Morning Cuddles For His Mom's Sake, Proves To Be Best Son

Sania Mirza's son, Izhaan is annoyed by his mother's constant disturbance in his personal space. Check out the details inside!


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Sania Mirza's Son, Izhaan Pretends To Like Morning Cuddles For His Mom's Sake, Proves To Be Best Son

When a child grows up, he or she starts to have likes and dislikes. They start to ask millions of questions and start to understand which chocolate they like and which food they dislike. The senses start to prevail in them and thus, their parents have to constantly understand their mood. The parents start to find a balance between their mischiefs and innocent questions. While most of the times, a child needs their parents, but who would not like to have some personal space?  It feels, Sania Mirza’s son, Izhaan is also annoyed by his mother’s constant disturbance in his personal space. (Also Read: Arjun Rampal Wishes His GF, Gabriella On Her First Mother's Day On Behalf Of Their Son, Arik Rampal)

Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik had said qubool hai to each other on April 12, 2010, shutting down everyone questioning her patriotism. On October 30, 2018, the couple had welcomed their baby boy, Izhaan, and since then, the lives of amma, Sania and daddy, Shoaib has taken a 360-degree turn as everything is now about their little munchkin. Now that the baby, Mirza Malik is growing up, he has sure started developing likes and dislikes and his head will be sure filled with curiosity and questions.

On May 9, 2020, Izhaan has finally spoken his thoughts about his amma’s habit of morning cuddles. The official page of Sania’s son, Izhaan, which is managed by Sania Mirza only, shared a cuddling picture of amma and baby, where Sania can be seen tightly hugging his little world, giving him a peck on his cheeks as her son, Izhaan smiles with his half-shut eyes. However, it was the caption that proved, Izhaan is not too fond of these morning cuddles and yet like a good son, has to pretend to like them. The caption along the picture can be read as “Morning cuddles are my favorite - ok maybe they are amma’s favorite and I have to pretend they are mine too.” Sania also posted the similar picture claiming that her mornings have to start like this only, proving her love for morning cuddles with Izhaan. She captioned the picture as “We woke up like this - wouldn’t have it any other way @izhaan.mirzamalik”. Take a look:

Sania Mirza Son

Sania Mirza

This is not the first time that Izhaan has questioned his amma or presented his different opinion, his account is filled with his genuine questions and generous opinions. On May 2, 2020, Sania had made Izhaan pose, when the innocent soul was busy minding his own business. The only thing the little one had demanded was some ‘me time’, but his amma had taken that away and thus he had to resort to his Instagram handle to complain about his amma. Along with a cute picture, his complaint could be read as “I am just sitting here minding my own business and amma insists I pose - what does one need to do to get some ‘me time’ around here.” Our heart goes out to this little one. Have a look. (Recommended Read: Varun Sood And His GF, Divya Agarwal's Hilarious 'My Head Challenge' Gives Major Relationship Goals)

Sania Mirza Son Izhaan

On April 8, 2020, on the official page of Izhaan, his amma, Sania had shared an adorable picture of him holding his amma’s badminton racket. Izhaan had perplexed yet cute expressions. The caption along with the picture could be read as “So what’s the fuss all about ??? I don’t know why Amma needs to practice so much for something this easy.” Take a look at his picture. (Don't Miss: Mahhi Vij Tells Husband, Jay Bhanusahli To Get Out Of The House In A Fun Banter)

Izhaar Mirza Malik

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