Sania Mirza Talks About Societal Norms On Marriage, Shares How Motherhood Made Her Selfless

Indian tennis player, Sania Mirza recently sat for an interview and talked about societal norms of marriage and revealed how motherhood had led her to think about her son before making decisions.


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Sania Mirza Talks About Societal Norms On Marriage, Shares How Motherhood Made Her Selfless

Indian tennis player Sania Mirza is one of the most celebrated people in the country. The former tennis player established herself as one of the most influential athletes in the world before she retired from playing in 2023. Recently, she came into the limelight after her estranged husband, Shoaib Malik, publicly announced his third marriage. 

The Pakistani cricketer married Lollywood actress, Sana Javed in January 2024 in an intimate nikah ceremony. Prior to Sana, Shoaib was married to Sania for over a decade and even welcomed their only son, Izhaan Mirza Malik in 2018. Unfortunately, they parted ways, and Sania reportedly took khula from Shoaib a few months before he married for the third time.

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Sania Mirza talked about the challenges she faced while playing tennis

Recently, the Indian tennis player sat for an interview with Firstpost. In the interaction, Sania talked about her career and vulnerabilities. She also highlighted things that make her feel anxious and societal norms of marriage, and shared details about being a mother. At the beginning of the interview, Sania was questioned by the host about her journey in the field of sports and how challenging it had been for her. Elaborating on the same, she said:

“It's been very hard, I mean there is no question about it, and I think that playing and succeeding or failing or whatever it is at what you do on a personal level is hard enough when you put you know a public platform in it you put you know media scrutiny in it you put an everyday analysis of how you said hi to someone and why you said hi like that and the image of you there are so many things that go along with it especially in over the last 10-15 years since uh social media and electronic media has really boomed yeah so I think that it is very hard.”

Sania Mirza talked about how women are pressured to get “settled down” in society

Further in the interview, the Indian tennis legend talked about how women are still considered “settled down” only when they are married and have kids. She also added that young women are pressured regularly to get married when they are around 24-25 because no “good guys” would remain for them if they decide to delay getting married. Moreover, Sania emphasised that the marriage pressure is not just for women, but for men as well. Sharing her thoughts on the same, she said:

“This marriage obsession we have also with men, I mean Salman Khan has still been asked when he is going to get married so it's not a woman issue. They just want them to be married and with somebody but then as women, it's more multiplied and then the minute you get married,  so when you going to have a kid so they're not even taking into consideration that it could be a choice that you're not to have a kid like that is a choice that maybe you don't want to have a kid right now you want to have a kid after some time.”

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Sania Mirza mentioned how motherhood evolved her

Sania Mirza also opened up about embracing motherhood and shared how her son, Izhaan, gets only half an hour of screen time as she keeps him busy with other activities. The athlete added that motherhood helped her evolve into a selfless person, which was not the case when she used to play tennis. Sania also mentioned that she takes all her decisions keeping her son’s well-being in mind. She said:

“Then all of a sudden you have a child, and nothing revolves around you anymore, and it gives you a huge and really needed reality check of life, and I think that if you're able to make that adjustment you'll have a great relationship with your child and for me, it came very naturally to put him first and it came very naturally to keep putting him first in all situations.” 

Towards the end of the interaction, the Indian tennis player also mentioned that she won’t ever take a step in her life that would impact her son’s well-being. Having said that, Sania also added that it does not mean that women should give up self-love once they have a child, and said:

“I will never take a step in my life where I don't think that he will not benefit or if something is going to bother or hurt him like I won't I will try not to take that step having said that though like I think self-love is very important as well and I think that that's where I keep saying this to women that giving birth and having a child is not the end of your life it's the beginning of another life, and that does not mean that you just basically neglect yourself completely so motherhood has evolved me in these ways.”

Check out the video here.

What are your thoughts on Sania Mirza’s perspective on societal norms of marriage and how she evolved after embracing motherhood? Share with us.

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