Sania Mirza Feeds Baby Izhaan Mirza Malik In Between The Shots While Watching Match, Picture Inside

Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik entered the parents' club on October 30, 2018, with the arrival of their little munchkin, Izhaan Mirza Malik. Checkout how Sania makes sure to feed him between the shots.


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Sania Mirza Feeds Baby Izhaan Mirza Malik In Between The Shots While Watching Match, Picture Inside

Ace tennis player, Sania Mirza and her cricketer husband, Shoaib Malik said ‘qubool hai’ to each other on April 12, 2010. Almost 9 years into their blissful wedded life, Shoaib and Sania embraced parenthood when they had welcomed their flesh and blood, Izhaan Mirza Malik. It was on October 30, 2018, that the Mirza and Malik families were rejoicing the arrival of the youngest member of their family.

Ever since Sania and Shoaib became parents, they have been managing their professional and personal lives quite well. Whether it is Shoaib, who loves to babysit Izhaan and support Sania or be it Sania, who keep a track about Izhaan even when she is on the shoot, the newbie parents have been scoring full points in their parenting skills. (You May Like: Hrithik Roshan Gives An Honest Update On His Father, Rakesh Roshan's Cancer Battle, Details Inside)

Sania, Izhaan and Shoaib

Yesterday on July 8, 2019, Sania was busy with her shoot, but this didn’t mean that she would sacrifice her motherly instincts. In between the shots, Sania made sure that she feeds baby Izhaan. She herself took to her Instagram stories and shared a click while letting Izhaan drink milk from the bottle. The mom-son duo can be seen sitting in her vanity van all decked up in their funky oufits. Atop the story, Sania wrote, “Meanwhile in between shows for @starsportsindia, while following the match, hence the expressions #mummahustles.” Checkout:

Sania Mirza

Soon after, Sania also shared a post with Izhaan as she held him tight in her arms. Sharing the picture with the little munchkin, Sania wrote, “We’ve got matching smiles and teeth.” Take a look:

Sania Mirza

In an interaction with a leading daily, Sania had once shared changes after embracing motherhood. She was quoted as saying, “A lot has changed after becoming a mother, your life changes, I think the whole focus becomes about the baby and prioritising the baby. Me as a working woman, I obviously want to get back to tennis, so I am trying to prioritise my time. It is the most selfless kind of love I have ever known, and it is the most amazing feeling I have ever had. My life has completely changed for the better. Ya, Shoaib is also playing quite a lot and is travelling so he does help whenever he can.” (Also Read: Swara Bhasker Breaks Up With Himanshu Sharma Because He Didn't Want To Get Married, Details Inside)

Sania Mirza and Izhaan Mirza Malik

Further talking about the easiest and the difficult part of being a mother, Sania had gone on to add, “I think I am embracing it; it is not so much coping. I am embracing everything. It is new challenges and new things to do. New ideas and new plans, days and nights are now different. Most definitely the easiest part is embracing everything and be there for my baby, loving my baby. I want everything in the world more for him than anybody else. That has been easiest thing. Nothing really has been so difficult but maybe the night sleep because being an athlete, sleeping throughout the night is something I was used to but now it doesn't happen that often.”

Sania Mirza

In an interaction with Femina, Sania had expressed her happiness on becoming a mother to Izhaan. The tennis champion had remarked, “The experience was good—it was overwhelming and different. I think, as women, we underestimate our bodies and what they can do, and I had that self-realisation. I feel privileged that I was able to go through it. I had a decently easy pregnancy, if there is such a thing.” (Checkout: Chhavi Mittal Solves Most Mysterious Question Of 'Why Do Babies Cry?', Reveals How To Identify Signs)

Sania Mirza

Further, she had also shared her way of prioritising work, “The most important thing I would like to say to girls and women is that you have to choose what you feel is right. There are certain cultural dos and don’ts that we are subjected to as girls while growing up, and even as adults after we have grown up. There is no right or wrong from that perspective, you have to go by what you feel. You have to believe in your dreams and, more importantly, yourself. I was lucky to have a family that backed and supported me in every decision—whether it was playing tennis, getting married, or wanting to have a kid. It was always about when I wanted to do it, and not about what the cultural norm was. I want to tell women that if you really want to do something, and believe in it, then you can have it all; you don’t have to choose.”

Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza

Such a lovely bond between baby Izhaan Mirza Malik and Sania Mirza! What’s your take guys? Do let us know!

Images courtesy: Sania

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