Sania Mirza Didn't Care About Other's Opinion While Marrying Shoaib Malik, 'When You're In Love...'

Sania Mirza once, in an old interview, recalled the time when she got married to Shoaib Malik, and how it was the most difficult time of their lives.


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Sania Mirza Didn't Care About Other's Opinion While Marrying Shoaib Malik, 'When You're In Love...'

Indian tennis player, Sania Mirza’s name has been all over the news ever since her estranged husband, Shoaib Malik, announced his third marriage. The Pakistani cricketer took to his official Instagram account to reveal that he tied the knot with Pakistani actress, Sana Javed. Prior to the actress, Shoaib was married to Sania Mirza for over a decade, and the two even co-parent their son, Izhan, who was born in 2018.

When Sania Mirza talked about her marriage to Shoaib Malik and revealed how it became an international news

Recently, Sania Mirza’s conversation with Curly Tales’ Kamiya Jani re-surfaced in the public domain. In the interview, which was uploaded on October 16, 2022 on YouTube, the Indian tennis player talked about various aspects of her professional and personal life. The host asked how the phase was for her when her marriage to Shoaib Malik became a piece of international news back in 2010. Sania called it a ‘difficult phase’ in her life and shared:

“It was difficult I mean you know it was difficult in terms of the things that were being said and the media and all that stuff. But you know, when you are in love, not a lot matters. That’s the honest truth. If you're thinking because when you're in love, you're not thinking straight, you're not thinking logically you know you're in love, and you're like we're in love, and we want to get married, and honestly, that's how it was for us and that's how it was for our families also.”

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Sania further stated that it was one of the happiest times of their lives when she got married to Shoaib Malik. Although people commented on their marriage, and it was a difficult phase in their lives, they still were happy to share the rest of their lives together. Sania said that she remembers the good part of that time, more than the bad.

Sania Mirza shared that she used to visit Pakistan once a year

Further into the interaction, Kamiya Jani played a fun game with her. While questioning her, the host asked if the Indian tennis player had ever been to Pakistan. Sania answered the question with a yes and revealed that the family goes to Shoaib’s native place once a year. She said:

“I have. We go there actually once a year because Shoaib's family still lives there and obviously Izhan goes to meet them, and you know we do meet them every year, once a year, and they come here once a year.”

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Sania Mirza shared how India and Pakistan are similar yet different

During the same segment of the interview, Kamiya inquired about the similarities and differences between India and Pakistan. Sania mentioned that both countries are similar as well as different in many ways. The Indian tennis player mentioned that as she belongs to South India, she felt the cultural differences a bit more than anyone who might belong to Delhi, as the Indian capital city and Lahore is similar. She said:

“Because I’m South Indian, I feel the cultural difference a little bit more. If I was from Delhi, I wouldn't feel that much of a culture shock. Because Lahore is a lot alike. It's very similar to Delhi. The way they speak, the way they eat, the things they eat, you know, all that kind of... Culturally, they're just Punjabis, right? So it's a little more similar. But they are different in some ways also. You can tell, I mean, at least I can tell when there is a Pakistani speaking or an Indian person speaking to another person, they might not be able to tell, but I can tell the differences.”

A day after Shoaib Malik’s announcement about his marriage to Sana Javed, Sania Mirza stated in a statement shared on her sister, Anam’s IG, that the former couple had been separated for quite some time. Even Sania’s father, Imran Mirza, too, stated that his daughter took a khula from the Pakistani cricketer.

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