Sameera Reddy's Daughter, Nyra Channels Her Inner Thalaivaa On Her 10-Month Birthday

Sameera Reddy shared a cute video of her little doll, Nyra trying to copy superstar, Rajnikanth and the video is too cute to be missed. Scroll down to check it out!


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Sameera Reddy's Daughter, Nyra Channels Her Inner Thalaivaa On Her 10-Month Birthday

Courtesy to the world of social media, star kids are breaking records of popularity and are leaving behind their superstar parents in terms of stardom while in their prams only. All the young mothers and new parents of the glamour world don't forget to pamper and flaunt their little munchkins on their social media handles, so much so, that they are becoming the internet's favourite muse and one of such mommies is, Sameera Reddy. (Recommended Read: Rana Daggubati Found Love In Miheeka Bajaj, Here's Everything You Need To Know About Her)

Sameera Reddy's little goofballs, Hans Varde and Nyra are absolute cuteness and their delightful fun antics bring a smile to our faces. The proud mommy, Sameera never forgets to flaunt her prized possessions every now and then, probably this is the reason why Sameera's Instagram handle is practically hijacked by these two little angels! Scroll down to find out how Sameera celebrated the ten-month birthday of her cutie, Nyra!

Sameera Reddy

The doting mommy, Sameera Reddy's little doll, Nyra turned 10 months old today and the loving mommy celebrated her birthday in a very unique fashion! Sameera took to her Instagram handle on May 13, 2020, to share the cutest video of baby girl, Nyra in which we can see her copying the signature shade style of the living legend, Rajnikanth. Sameera had also carefully curated Nyra's cute moments of trying to copy Rajnikanth's style of wearing shades, with stills of Rajnikanth and a piece of suitably apt background music. The video is too cute to be missed. Sameera captioned it as "Mass baby #babyThalaivaa #rajnikanth #superstar "Summa pere ketta athrudula” @rajinikanth #naughtynyra #10monthsold #itsmybirthday #baby #milestone." Have a look at the adorable video here:


Having dealt with postpartum depression in the past, after the birth of her son, Hans, Sameera had fought a long battle and had emerged victorious as a figure of inspiration for a lot of young mothers out there. And ever since then, she has made it a mission to encourage other young mothers dealing with the same problem. In a conversation with 100 Hours 100 Stars, an initiative of Fever Digital, Sameera had shared how she had isolated herself for about one and a half years, after her son's birth. She had said, "For me, my darkest period was post giving birth the first time -- call it a post-partum blues or depression. And at that time I went through a really dark space and quarantined myself in my house for almost one-and-a-half years." (You May Also Like: Ekta Kapoor Shares An Adorable Video Of Her Nephew, Laksshya Kapoor, Asks Him Why Is He So Handsome)

Sameera Reddy

Sameera Reddy keeps sharing fun videos and pictures of playtime activities with her kids and they're absolutely drool-worthy owing to the cute antics of the goofballs, Hans and Nyra. Sometime back Sameera had posted a video of the three of them trying to build a lego house. And in the end, the little goofball of mischief, Nyra had ended up breaking the lego house all over and seizing the camera. Sameera had captioned the video as "Saturday morning done right #naughtynyra in full force breaking our tower. happykids = happymama. P.s. her mama has given her a rowdy lockdown haircut. #messymama #happyhans #momlife #fun #love #laughter #lockdown #positivevibes #motherhood #imperfectlyperfect #mom #keepingitreal #takefunseriously." (Also Read: Shahid Kapoor Reveals His House Duty Assigned By Wife, Mira Rajput Kapoor During The Lockdown)



Well, we love fun videos of Hans and Nyra Varde! How about you?

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