Ruslaan Mumtaz's Son Shares An Uncanny Resemblance With His Mom, Nirali Mehta In Her Childhood Pic

A mom is the first love of her son, and she holds a special place in his heart forever. And new mommy, Nirali Mehta shares an uncanny resemblance with her 'chota baby', Rayaan. Check it out!


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Ruslaan Mumtaz's Son Shares An Uncanny Resemblance With His Mom, Nirali Mehta In Her Childhood Pic

A father teaches his son how to be strong for the life ahead. However, it is the mother, who teaches him how to be gentle, kind and impress the girls. She turns her little boy into a perfect gentleman and gives him the right lessons. That's the beauty of being parents, you try to make your kids the best version of yourself. And Bollywood actor, Ruslaan Mumtaz and his wife, Nirali Mehta are making sure to set right examples for their baby boy. (Recommend Read: 'Ramayan' Actor, Arvind Trivedi's Family Brushes-Off His Death Rumors, Talks About Lankesh's Health)

Ruslaan Mumtaz and his wife, Nirali Mehta had embarked the journey of parenthood when a stork visited them on March 26, 2020. The duo had gotten blessed with a baby boy, whom they have named, Rayaan. Ruslaan had shared his 'chota baby' arrival announcement on his Instagram handle and had written, "26-03-2020: CHOTA BABY HAS ARRIVED I was going to avoid uploading any of my baby's pictures for atleast 3,4 months but given the current gloom and doom in the world right now I think news of a chota baby will only brighten your day. I genuinely do believe that babies born in times when the world is going through a rough patch come here for a reason. So I'm hoping my chota baby is a superhero born in difficult times and in time will make this world even more beautiful than he already is. I hope and pray the world becomes a better place for us, our parents and our children.” 

Ruslaan Mumtaz and Nirali Mehta

Since the arrival of their little prince, Ruslaan and Nirali's life is revolving around him. On May 4, 2020, Nirali took to her Instagram handle and shared a beautiful picture with her baby. In the picture, we can see the doting mommy giving a kiss of love to her baby. Alongside it, she wrote, "And she loved a little boy very very much...even more than she loved herself." Check it out below:

Nirali Mehta

While we were loving the adorable mother-son duo's picture, we cannot ignore the uncanny resemblance the duo share. A couple of days ago, Nirali had shared her childhood picture on her Instagram handle and her baby boy, Rayaan looks just like her. Nirali had captioned her throwback picture from her childhood as "When you have a baby and your parents start reminiscing your own childhood and send you your baby pics". (Also Read: Riddhima Kapoor Posts Throwback Family Picture With Rishi Kapoor, Bharat Shares Photo From Banganga)

For those who don't know, Nirali is back to her fit self within just a month of delivering her baby boy. A couple of weeks ago, Ruslaan had taken to his Instagram handle and had shared a special post for his 'darling wife', Nirali and had revealed how she is back to her fit-self in just 21-days of delivery. His long note could be read as "Yesterday, Nirali took a post-workout selfie with me and I realised that it's been 21days since Rayaan's birth and she's back to being her fit self. I was pleasantly surprised and I thought I must share how she achieved this. Is she blessed? Does she diet? Did she do things differently post-delivery? The answer lies in what she did before delivery. She didn't eat for 2, 3 or 4, like people expected her to do. She stuck to her regular healthy diet. She did not binge on food rich in sugar or oil. It's not that she didn't have any cravings for desserts or fried food, she did, but she knew whatever she ate her baby would eat too and that's why she refrained from going overboard."


Ruslaan had further shared how his wife, Nirali had not stopped working out even in her last trimester, "She continued working until 7 days before her delivery and she worked out twice a week from her 4th month until the last day of her delivery. In fact, she did a functional workout of 30 mins in the morning and a 30min walk just 2hours before we left for the hospital. Of course, there were times when she thought maybe she should eat what pregnant women are usually advised by their families too, she should increase her quantity, she shouldn't work out, shouldn't go to work beyond 8 months of the pregnancy. But she allayed those fears by consulting professionals for her workouts. She hired physiotherapists who only train pregnant women so that she could have a natural delivery."

Ruslaan Mumtaz And Nirali Mehta

He had concluded his note on how Nirali is back in shape within 21 days, "She researched online regarding pregnancy diets and most of them was the opposite of what Indian pregnant women usually follow. Today when I look back at her journey which was filled with questions from people around her I feel proud that she did what she thought was right and the results are here to be seen. Our baby was born healthy at 3kgs by a normal delivery and Nirali has gone back to almost looking like she did in just 20 days. As of now, she hasn't even started working out so in time she will be as fit as she was before. She's too busy to share her journey but I thought I must because it could help someone out there confused regarding what to do and what not to do. I'm sure post this lockdown many women will need this advice." (Don't Miss: Alia Bhatt And Shaheen Bhatt Croon 'Ikk Kudi' As A Tribute To All The Front-Line COVID-19 Warriors)

Well, we are amused by the uncanny resemblance Nirali's baby boy shares with her! 

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