The Mandatory And Unspoken Rules All Brides Need To Follow For A Flawless And Beautiful Skin


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The Mandatory And Unspoken Rules All Brides Need To Follow For A Flawless And Beautiful Skin

Every girl dreams of being the perfect bride. They try everything in their capacity to work on their flaws, enhance their beauty and look fit. And for doing all of that, it takes a lot of commitment, will power and dedication. ‘Good things don’t come your way that easy’, right? 

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Basically, all you need to do is to alter your lifestyle and change a few habits along with not taking a lot of new risks. So, we thought of helping you out over here and compiled a list of dos and don’ts that you probably already knew but did not know how to go about it in the correct way. So without further ado, here we go.

Just a week before the wedding, you must not experiment with:

#1. A new face cream

You might know the type of your skin, (it might be oily, dry, combination or sensitive) but what you don’t know is its pH levels, sensitivity to certain chemicals and the hormonal changes that goes around in your body. Trying a new face cream might cause the eruption of acne, pigmentation or even rashes.

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#2. A new hairdo

Well, if it doesn’t suit your face cut, you won’t even have the time to grow it out a bit to settle on your face. Things that look good on others won’t necessarily look good on us too, right? 

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#3. A bikini wax for the first time

Imagining it gives many the creeps, think about getting it done just a few days before the wedding to realise that the pulling has caused a few veins to break and made you sore or has caused a burn etc., you really don’t want to be injured around that area before your wedding we are certain!

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#4. Nail extensions

Image / Pinterest

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

The permanent ones, we mean! Sometimes, they come off leaving your nail lifeless and fragile or if something cause even one to break, your hands will look pretty weird. Natural is beautiful, always believe in hat!

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#5. A new hair colour

Gif via Giphy

Gif via Giphy

You might think a burgundy would suit you just the way it did wonders to that TV model’s hair. Knock Knock! Reality check! Absolutely not worth taking the risk at least not just before the wedding! Unless you want to be the center of attraction for the wrong reasons, don’t do it.

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#6. A body moisturiser

Again, what if the ingredients do not suit you and you end up having small boils or rashes all over your body? Not quite the body texture you imagined before your wedding right?

Just a week before, 3 things you must not discontinue 

#1. A diet that you have been following for long

Your body has got used to your diet. Altering it or stopping it right away can make you put on a lot of weight just before the most important day of your life!

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#2. A moderate exercise routine

Attempting to do heavy exercises just before the wedding, thinking you will be able to lose more weight will only leave you tired and probably injured. But at the same time, stopping your ongoing routine saying you don’t have the time will only be of loss to you. If you don’t want to miss out on your natural facial glow and that proper toning, keep the workouts going! 

#3. Birth control pills

If you have been taking any, continue to take them. Birth control pills cause a lot of hormonal changes in the body when you start or stop taking them. Discontinuing them just a week before might cause laziness, acne, nausea or a loss of your facial glow.

The things you need to stop a month before and then forever

#1. Smoking

Unless you want to have a bad smoking breath, stained teeth and want to be prospective candidate for some kind of cancer, you need to stop smoking forever! And trust us, it doesn’t make you look cool. 

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#2. Eating Out All The Time

Image / Instagram

Image Courtesy: Instagram

You will have a lot of opportunities to eat out after you get married and believe us, there will come a time when you will get tired of it. So for now, just concentrate on a healthy diet, a good workout plan and being happy and positive.

#3. Addiction To Caffeine

Not only does it make you an addict for life but also causes your teeth to stain. Caffeine taken within limits is just alright but an addiction of any kind, let alone tea and coffee will always be bad for your health.

Places you need to visit before the approaching wedding

#1. Your dentist

They say it is mandatory to visit your dentist every 6 months but how many of us actually follow it? You be the wise one! Visit your dentist and get any fillings, extractions, cleaning etc that need to be done. Happy teeth are pretty teeth!

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#2. Your henna artist

Before you get your shaadi ki mehendi put on your entire arms and half your legs, go to your henna artist a month before. And then, take a patch test of the henna he will apply to you later on just to be sure that it doesn’t burn your hand or has any kind of reaction to it. Better safe than sorry right?

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#3. Your gynecologist

Not only for a general checkup, but to clear all your sex related doubts, your concerns about birth control, abortions etc. You might not get the time to go post your wedding as new brides are the busiest ones.

#4. Your dermatologist

Getting a skin treatment done wether for acne, pigmentation or for something else, you need to give your skin some time to heal. So, if you have any skin treatments that you need to get done before the wedding, don’t delay them till the last week.

#5. Your makeup artist for the wedding

Just like the henna, makeup too does not suit everyone. To be more specific, makeup brands have different products with different ingredients that might suit one skin type but leave rashes on the other.

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So meet up with your makeup artist to give you a small demo, a pre-cap for the wedding day. You can pay her for the same if she asks you too. Not only will you be sure of the safety of the products being used, but you will also get an idea of the look she has in mind for you for your wedding day.

So just follow these simple steps, make the following lifestyle changes and visit the mentioned places for a beautiful, healthy and glowing you on the most special day of your life. 

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