8 Ways In Which A Bride Can Rock It With Open Hairstyles On Her Wedding


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8 Ways In Which A Bride Can Rock It With Open Hairstyles On Her Wedding

A bun and a veil have become an ethereal part of an Indian bride but the time is changing and so is the bridal style. These days, brides are opting for open hairstyles and why not!

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Open hair looks beautiful and shows your carefree nature. Enjoy your D-day by letting your locks dance along with you with these pro-tips on how to rock open hairstyle.

#1. By adding gajras

Open Hair style Bridal Look

Many brides prefer wearing fragrant and eccentric gajras on their wedding day, especially the South Indian brides. If you want to go ahead with an open hairstyle, you should give gajras a try. No matter what kind of a hairstyle you are going for, it will look perfect with gajras. You can deck up on these flowers and ditch the dupatta altogether!

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#2. Side pinned dupatta

Open Hairstyles For Brides

An open hairstyle works well with a side pinned dupatta. Covering head with a dupatta for the wedding is a tradition that most of the brides follow and for the same reason, they go ahead with buns. You can keep your hair open and still cover up your head. Just let your hair flow and pin your dupatta on one side.

#3. Soft curls and volume in front

Open Hairstyles For Brides

Bridal hairstyles often fall on the voluminous side as to match with their heavy attire. If you are thinking of ditching the old-school bun on your D-day, go ahead with soft curls and a bouffant in the front. Set a new trend with this balanced hairstyle.

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#4. Mastani topi

Open Hairstyles For Brides

If you want to cover your head on your wedding day and still want to wear open hair, we have a brilliant idea for you. Keep your hair simple and wear a mastani topi that matches your attire. If you are an adventurous bride, you will pull this off with grace.

#5. Braid along

Open Hairstyles For Brides

For any bride who wants to balance traditions and everything new, we have the most appropriate hairstyle for her special day. Rock an open hairstyle while embracing the traditions by braiding them. You can play around with various styles and ornaments as well.

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#6. Beach waves

Open Hairstyles For Brides

Want to have an open hairstyle which looks beautiful and breezy, try soft waves with beautiful veils. This open hairstyle with a veil is inspired by the church wedding and looks absolutely adorable.

#7. Half up and half down

Open Hairstyles For Brides

With some special accessories and a little bit of imagination, you can wear a half up and half down on the most special day of your life. You can twist, braid or curl your hair, the hairstyle world is your oyster! With a half up and half down hairstyle, you will make the most beautiful bride.

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#8. Royal matha patti

Open Hair style Bridal Look

If you are really up for an open hairstyle for your wedding, make it bold and beautiful with a royal matha patti with several strings. This will give your entire attire a royal touch.

Own your wedding day with these amazing open hairstyles and be a trendsetter. These hairstyles will set you apart from all the brides in the world. Be a modern and boho bride with these amazing tips.

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