Parineeti Chopra's Weight Loss Diet Plan And Workout Routine That Transformed Her From Fat To Fit

Apparently, she spent Rs.10 lakh to achieve her body goals! According to an industry insider who spoke to DNA India, Parineeti signed up for a detox programme in Austria.


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Parineeti Chopra's Weight Loss Diet Plan And Workout Routine That Transformed Her From Fat To Fit

This Punjabi kudi has won millions of hearts with her acting talent. Her bindaas attitude makes her different from the rest of the actors. Yes, we are talking about Parineeti Chopra. This bubbly girl soon hogged the limelight, first due to her acting skills and then due to her tremendous weight loss. Parineeti accepts that before joining Bollywood, she used to be fat and weighed around 86 kilos. But now Parineeti certainly looks quite in shape. Want to know how she got her curves right in place? Then read on.

The journey of Parineeti Chopra from 'fat to Fit'

Losing weight was not easy for Parineeti, considering her love for food. But, with a rigorous workout regime and a strict diet plan, she has finally shed those extra pounds. Not many actors openly admit to being overweight. However, Parineeti is one of the few actresses who not just accept but also talks about her weight issues openly to the media. In one of her interviews, she was quoted as saying:

"I am a 25 year-old and there is no reason for me to look fat. I want to look great. I am taking care of myself and I am losing even more weight because I want to look better."

Parineeti Chopra

Unlike some of the actresses like Huma Qureshi and Vidya Balan, who have always been comfortable with the way they look, our Kill Dill star never felt the same way, as she once said:

"Those actresses are comfortable in what they look like. I used to feel uncomfortable. I am in a visual medium and should be able to compete with every good-looking actress."

Parineeti confessed that one of the biggest problems she faced when she was overweight was dressing up. She was sick and tired of ill-fitted clothes and having limited options of what to wear. She could not wear sleeveless and faced tummy issues too. The actress said in one of her interviews:

"I was sick and tired of clothes not fitting and having limited options on what to wear."

Parineeti Chopra

Initially, Parineeti paid less attention to her weight, thinking she could get away with her acting skills alone. But, soon she realised that Bollywood is all about a combination of good looks, figure and acting skills, and thus began her endeavour to lose weight, in order to look good on screen.

From size 38 to 30, her exercise regime!

Parineeti Chopra

Parineeti has been on the heavier side since her childhood. But, once she entered the film industry, her weight brought her into a lot of negative limelight. Despite having a hatred for exercise, she decided to take up gymming. With rigorous weight training, Parineeti, soon shut up her critics by showing off her more toned avatar.

"I used to be 86 kilos; I used to wear size 38. Right now, fitting into a jeans of size 30 is a big achievement."

Parineeti Chopra

To achieve this, Parineeti changed her fitness routine drastically. Here is the exercise regime she swears by:

  • Starting the day with jogging
  • Meditation
  • Doing yoga for an hour
  • Involving into activities that she likes, such as swimming and horse riding
  • Running on treadmill
  • Using some deadly dance moves to kill those extra calories along with improving her dance skills
  • Cardio and regular exercise

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Parineeti Chopra

Parineeti’s diet plan

Parineeti Chopra

Parineeti has a tendency to gain weight easily due to her poor metabolism. Like most of us, she too loves binging on pizzas and pasta. But, this could have been a major hurdle in her weight loss journey. Here is what she has to say, “I gave up pizza! It’s my first love. I can let go of anything but not pizza. But I didn’t have a choice.”

So, to follow her dreams and make a mark in the industry, Parineeti had to give up on those pizzas, burgers and other fast food.

Parineeti Chopra

Here is the diet that she follows religiously now:

Breakfast: One glass of milk, brown bread with butter, two eggs- white portion only, juice sometimes.

Lunch: Dal and roti, brown rice, green salad and green leafy vegetables.

Dinner: Simple food with less oil, one glass of milk and sometimes a chocolate shake.

She also makes sure that she eats her dinner at least two hours before going to bed.

Parineeti Chopra

How Parineeti Chopra Got Her Fab New Body

Parineeti Chopra

Parineeti has recently caused quite a commotion on social media with her amazing weight loss. Apparently, she went on a sabbatical of sorts on the advice of her mentor, Aditya Chopra, post Kill Dil, which came out in 2014.

Parineeti Chopra

She took to social media to post photos of her latest photoshoot for the September issue of The Juice magazine. And, her new body and look is simply stunning. But, she has confessed that she dislikes the gym as she finds it boring. So, if you are wondering how she shed those pounds, then read what she told Hindustan Times:

"For the last few months, I have been working on myself. I have lost a lot of weight, and I am much fitter now. I was so busy last year that I didn’t get the time to work on myself. I neglected my health, but now, I make sure I take care of it. I’m doing a form of Kerala martial arts called Kalaripayattu. I do it every day for an hour. It has made me more flexible, stronger, and has also helped build my stamina. I don’t like going through the regular gym routine to lose weight. It really bores me. I guess I couldn’t multi-task. I was working day in and day out, and not taking care of my health. I not only looked unhealthy, but also felt it. I wanted to feel energetic, but I was just constantly tired. So, I decided to change that. We always aim to get thin. But that’s not enough. We should feel fit from the inside. I was unfit and overweight. Now as I am losing weight and getting fitter, I should soon be where I want to be."

Parineeti Chopra

But, here is another side to the story. Apparently, she spent Rs.10 lakh to achieve her body goals! According to an industry insider who spoke to DNA India, Parineeti signed up for a detox programme in Austria. The source mentioned:

"Under this program, the patient has to undergo several tests in order to determine what his or her body can tolerate. Depending on that, a diet chart for six months is drawn, which the clients have to strictly adhere to. And it costs between Rs 5-10 lakh for a 15 to 30 day- course, depending on the program… Pari’s expectation before taking up this new regime was that she wanted to fit into hot clothes. And she has got her wish."

Well, her efforts have paid off, and she is one happy person, “When I had entered the industry I was big and used to fit into that size category. Now, I feel I am not, as I have lost much weight and look better. I don't want to be in that weight category. I am working very hard to become thin. I feel I am skinny now,” says a much happier and slimmer Parineeti.

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