Raveena Tandon On Adopting Daughters Secretly, Blames Media, Says, 'Itna Gandh Tha Unke Minds Mein'

In an interview, Raveena Tandon revealed why she had adopted her daughter, Chhaya and Pooja secretly, and blamed the tabloids and media for it.


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Raveena Tandon On Adopting Daughters Secretly, Blames Media, Says, 'Itna Gandh Tha Unke Minds Mein'

While actresses like Sushmita Sen, Sunny Leone, Mandira Bedi and others have made adoption a common process these days, it was a big thing in the ‘90s. The yellow journalism and the nasty remarks would often lead to questioning the actress and the identity of the baby in the ‘90s. Raveena Tandon was one of those actresses, who had adopted two daughters at a young age and had kept them away from the media. The actress, now, shared the reason for the same.

For the unversed, Raveena Tandon had walked down the aisle on February 22, 2004, to tie the knot with Anil Thadani. Raveena is not just known for her acting skills, dance moves and enthusiastic nature, but also for inspiring everyone by adopting two girls, Chhaya and Pooja Tandon at the age of 21. Apart from two adopted daughters, she has two biological kids, Ranbir & Rasha Thadani. Thus, she is blessed with 4 kids, and what could be more magical than that.

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Raveena Tandon

In an interaction with RJ Siddharth Kannan, Raveena Tandon talked about why she had adopted her daughter, Chhaya and Pooja secretly and blamed the media at that time. Stating that the tabloids would write nasty stuff about her daughters and might had even accused her of having kids while still being unmarried, Raveena said:

“Initially, it was that era of tabloidism and yellow dirty journalism. There were these hardcore writers who were just writing nasty stuff and headlines were nasty. In those days, a scandal could be created out of anything. When I did adopt the girls, initially, I did not talk about them at all, till they passed their 10th standard and after that, they started hanging out with me on my shoots. Then, everyone started asking, ‘Who are these girls?’ And I would start telling them this is how it is."

raveena tandon's daughter Chhaya to get married on January 25

Raveena further shared that she was scared about the kind of news the magazines would have made out of her adoption process. Stating that their minds were filthy, Raveena concluded:

“You were so scared that even if you say something, what will these people make it out to be? Magazine wale bol denge ki isko secretly baby ho gaya, kiska baby hai (The magazines would say that I secretly had a baby and speculate about the father). It was that era. Itna gandh tha unke minds mein (Their minds were so filthy). To avoid such stories, I just did it very quietly.”


Raveena had earlier interacted with SpotboyE and had talked about her motherhood journey. She had also talked about the equation she shared with her daughters, Chhaya and Pooja after adopting them, and had said:

"We discussed everything under the sun. From boyfriends, crushes, my life- good or bad. I told them learn from my mistakes, I told them whatever was happening in my life. Got them ready for the reality, never sugar coated the world to them." 

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Raveena Tandon, Chhaya, Pooja, Ranbirvardhan and Rasha

When asked, how she managed her daughters when they were growing up, Raveena had shared the late-night culture that she has at her home. She had said:

"I have given my daughters the freedom of keeping the company they want, but have always told them, whoever is coming to drop you home, should come upstairs and meet me." 

Raveena Tandon With Adopted Daughters

On the professional front, Raveena Tandon was last seen in the web show, Aranyak.

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