Ratan Tata's Unknown Facts: Saved A Woman From Online Bullying, Travelled In Economy Class, More

Times when India's most-loved businessman, Ratan Tata proved his love for the country and its people. Take a look at some of his kindest acts and unforgettable charities that won everyone's hearts.


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Ratan Tata's Unknown Facts: Saved A Woman From Online Bullying, Travelled In Economy Class, More

Ratan Tata is hands-down the only businessman in India with zero haters. The renowned industrialist is one of the richest entrepreneurs in India, but the reason why so many people across the globe admire him is for his humanitarian work. Although almost every conglomerate has a humanitarian department, the way Ratan Tata has given back to society is miles ahead of all the entrepreneurs of the past and present.

It is Ratan Tata's contribution to society that has made him a 'hero' in the eyes of so many people across the country. The billionaire businessman has made multiple investments in so many startups and is also renowned for making hefty charity donations. For the unversed, Ratan Tata was awarded the prestigious Padma Bhushan in 2000 and Padma Vibhushan in 2008.

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Times when Ratan Tata won everyone's hearts with his humility and charitable acts

Not a lot of people are aware that Ratan Tata has donated around 60-65 per cent of his income to charity over the years. However, it's not all about the charities and donations, Ratan Tata is loved by Indians for his humble and respectful nature. The industrialist has never been a part of any significant controversy. Well, today we will take a look at famous instances when Ratan Tata proved that we will never see someone as well-known, successful, wealthy and humble as him ever again. So, without further ado, let's get into his life's most famous moments.

#1. When Ratan Tata was spotted travelling in economy class

A few years back, the business tycoon, Ratan Tata broke the headlines when he was spotted travelling in economy class on a flight. It all started after a passenger shared a picture with Ratan Tata on social media, and it instantly went viral on the internet. Soon, news channels picked the photo, and the billionaire was hailed for his humility by almost everyone.

#2. Ratan Tata chose to work in his own company as an employee instead of accepting IBM's high-paid job

The billionaire businessman, Ratan Tata's journey as an entrepreneur wasn't a cakewalk. For the unversed, he worked in his own company, Tata Steel, as an employee for several years. The company in Jamshedpur was going through a tough phase, but instead of leaving it, Ratan Tata took the challenge into his own hands and worked as an employee until the firm stood tall on its feet. During this struggling phase, Ratan Tata received several high-paid job offers from several companies including IBM, but he declined them and remained focused on making Tata Steel successful.

#3. When Ratan Tata shielded a woman from trolls after she called him 'chotu'

In February 2020, Ratan Tata posted a picture of himself in which he was spotted sitting cross-legged on the floor and posing to the camera with a big smile. The billionaire posted this lovely picture on reaching the milestone of having 1 million followers on Instagram. The picture received thousands of likes and comments but also created controversy on the internet. For the unversed, a woman referred to Ratan Tata as 'Congratulations Chhotu' in the comment section, and it left his massive fanbase extremely angry.

Soon, Ratan Tata's followers started trolling the young lady. As soon as the industrialist came across the issue, he took to his IG stories and requested his Instagram family not to troll the young lady. He also clearly stated that he wanted his fans and followers to avoid reaching out in such a way. The businessman received a lot of love for schooling his own fans and taking a stand for the young lady, whose comment was exaggerated by some netizens on the internet.

#4. Ratan Tata has been fighting against malnutrition in India for years now


Over the years, we have seen Ratan Tata fighting against a series of social issues, but it is his fight against India's leading problem, malnutrition, that has been his biggest contribution to society. Over the years, Ratan Tata has made sure to do everything to eliminate malnutrition in children and pregnant women.

#5. When Ratan Tata took a stand against fake news and WhatsApp university

It was back in April 2020 when Ratan Tata took a firm stand against fake news in India, which had become a headache for society as the authenticity of information was getting compromised. As a result, when a fake interview of Ratan Tata sharing his views on the impact of COVID-19 on the Indian economy made its way to the internet, the billionaire confirmed publicly that those were not his words. Sharing the snippet, Ratan Tata told people to refrain from such pieces that hold no credibility.

#6. Ratan Tata urged companies not to lay off their employees during COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Tata Trusts donated a hefty sum of Rs. 500 crores in order to help their employees financially. At a time when other companies were laying off their employees, it was Ratan Tata who took a stand for his employees and even requested other companies not to lay off people at such a difficult time.

#7. Ratan Tata spent 28 million USD to aid Indian students at Cornell University

Apart from spending huge numbers in the development and healthcare sector of society, Ratan Tata is also quite active in providing scholarships to students across India. Not only this, but he has even spent a sum of 28 million USD to provide scholarships to Indian students who want to study at Cornell University.

#8. Ratan Tata always sits next to his driver

The reason why so many people across the world admire Ratan Tata is because he treats his employees as his family. As per multiple reports, the billionaire businessman never sits in the backseat of his car and always prefers to grab the front seat. From chatting with his driver to even driving the vehicle in his presence, Ratan Tata indeed treats every employee with utmost respect.

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#9. When Ratan Tata requested people to adopt a homeless dog

Ratan Tata is an animal lover but holds a special place for dogs in his heart. A few years ago, we saw him sharing a series of pictures of a homeless dog and asking his followers to find a new home for his four-legged friend. As soon as his post went viral on social media, someone adopted the dog and the business tycoon was lauded for using his reach for such noble causes.

#10. Ratan Tata personally met the families of his 80 employees who were affected by the 26/11 terror attack

It was on November 26, 2008, when Mumbai witnessed some of the most gruesome and inhuman attacks of terrorism. As per multiple reports, over 300 people were killed, and 166 were seriously injured in the terror attack. When things came under control, Ratan Tata met each and every single family of his 80 employees who were affected by the attacks of 26/11. The gesture once again proved that for Ratan Tata, his employees are his family.

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#11. When Ratan Tata went on to check on his former employee, who had been unwell for two years

Time and again, we have seen Ratan Tata prioritising his employees over his business. A few years ago, we saw him visiting his former employee after he heard that he had been suffering from some disease for the last two years. In order to offer help and encourage him, the business tycoon made a surprise visit to his employee's house and convinced him and his family that he was always there for them.

#12. Ratan Tata once requested people to stop spreading hate and virtual bullying

Ratan Tata has always raised his voice about online bullying and virtual hate. Every now and then, we have seen him guiding youngsters and requesting adults to stop spreading hate and try to be more empathic towards others. This is why he is one of the few businessmen in India, whose name is quite common in schools, as he is a constant source of inspiration for youngsters.

#13. When Ratan Tata kneeled on the ground for a group photo with his employees


The Indian billionaire, Ratan Tata never skips a chance to set an example for all the bosses around the globe. From encouraging them to help his employees in their time of need, Ratan Tata is indeed every working individual's dream boss. Back in 2012, when Ratan Tata was called to pose alongside the newly recruited team of individuals, the billionaire businessman left everyone shocked when he kneeled on the ground and posed for the picture.

It was an unexpected situation for everyone, and it was Ratan Tata, who broke the silence with a witty statement, "Please be quick. I can't kneel down for that long", leaving everyone in giggles and laughs. As soon as the picture made its way online, people were once again amazed to witness Ratan Tata's humility despite being one of the richest people in India.

#14. Ratan Tata donated Rs. 1000 crores to COVID-19 relief fund

During the COVID-19 pandemic, soon after announcing a donation of Rs. 500 crores for his employees, Ratan Tata finalised an additional sum of Rs. 1000 crores to contribute to society's well-being during COVID-19. From arranging oxygen cylinders to offering rooms and PPE kits for the doctors, Ratan Tata helped the government solve critical socio-economic problems that arose after the emergence of COVID-19.

#15. When Ratan Tata responded to a campaign requesting the government to honour him with Bharat Ratna

Just when you thought you'd seen all the episodes of Ratan Tata's humility, the 86-year-old industrialist reacted to a campaign requesting the government to honour him with Bharat Ratna in the most unexpected way. The business tycoon first thanked his followers for their kind gesture but also told them to discontinue their campaign. Ratan Tata stated that he is fortunate enough to be born in India and considers himself lucky to be able to serve the country with his little efforts.

What are your thoughts about Ratan Tata? Do you think we will ever see a billionaire like him in the coming future? Let us know.

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