Rakhi Sawant Pulls Abhinav Shukla's Shorts, Leaves Him Shocked, Rubina Warns Her Not To Cross Limits

Rakhi Sawant did something that shocked Abhinav Shukla and made his wife, Rubina Dilaik furious. Scroll down to know it all!


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Rakhi Sawant Pulls Abhinav Shukla's Shorts, Leaves Him Shocked, Rubina Warns Her Not To Cross Limits

Rakhi Sawant has been grabbing all the headlines ever since she has entered the house of Bigg Boss 14. Earlier it was her frequent, aggressive rifts with a housemate, Arshi Khan, then there were the episodes about her husband, who's existence is in fact, still in question. Now it's her growing obsession with another housemate, Abhinav Shukla. From saying she sees her husband in Abhinav to writing 'I love Abhinav' all over body with lipstick, Rakhi has been grabbing attention all over with her shenanigans. (Recommended Read: Saba Ali Khan Hails Nephew, Ibrahim Ali Khan, Sharing His Mesmerising Pictures Says 'A Star Is Born')

Not only this, Rakhi had even openly expressed her huge crush over Abhinav Shukla. Rakhi had also revealed that she had frozen her eggs and wants him to be the donor. Although, Rakhi had made it clear that she doesn't want to break Abhinav and Rubina's relationship and just wishes to spend some quality time with him. Now, Rakhi did something that shocked Abhinav and made his wife, Rubina furious. Scroll down to know it all!

Rakhi Sawant and Abhinav Shukla

Rakhi Sawant was spotted pulling the strings of Abhinav Shukla's shorts and her actions left him shocked beyond measure. Seeing Rakhi's intolerable behaviour, a furious Rubina Dilaik warned her, "Rakhi, apni haddein cross mat kijiye. If you don't respect my husband, I will be the first one to face you." Rakhi then replied that he is a co-contestant here and not her husband. Rubina Dilaik then angrily screamed, "Inhein apni hadd nahin pata hai." To which, Rakhi Sawant said, "Tum kya bataoge meri hadd." She further added, "You cannot stop me, baby. I am in love with Abhinav. The ones who are getting jealous can burn in jealousy."

Earlier, we had seen Rakhi Sawant asking Abhinav Shukla if his wife, Rubina Dilaik has a problem if they wash utensils together. She had said, “Apki biwi ko shayad neend nahi aaegi agar mai apke saath bartan dhoun (Maybe, your wife will not be able to sleep if I wash utensils with you)." To Rakhi's statement, Rubina had retorted, “Rakhi! Is tareeke ki baat mat kijiyega (Never say things like this)." Afterwards, Rakhi was seen roaming around the house with ‘I Love Abhinav’ written all over her body with red lipstick, along with a few hearts drawn. Abhinav had looked utterly disgusted with Rakhi's shenanigan, to which, she had responded, “Mera crazy love hai.” Abhinav Shukla's wife, Rubina Dilaik was furious over Rakhi's stint and was heard calling it 'cheap entertainment'. She had further said, "Wo khud kharaab dikhengi." (Also Read: Maniesh Paul's 'Then-Now' Photo With His Wife On Their 14th Wedding Anniversary Is Simply True Love)

Bigg Boss 14

Before that, Rakhi was seen with co-contestant, Sonali Phogat expressing her feelings for Abhinav. Rakhi had shared that no man had entered her life after her breakup with ex-beau, Abhishek Awasthi. She had also said that she doesn’t want to break Abhinav and Rubina’s relationship. In her words, “I want him to accompany me on my outdoor shoots, take me on coffee dates, go to watch films." She had then gotten emotional and had revealed that she cannot always run behind her husband as he won’t ever accept her in public because of some personal issues. 

Bigg Boss 14

Rakhi had also expressed her concern that her husband will never come out in open and accept their kids if they ever have in future. Crying inconsolably, Rakhi had mentioned that he will only give them his surname and won’t ever come to meet them. Continuing, the actress had revealed that she had frozen her eggs and once she is out of the show, she will ask Abhinav and Rubina if he can become her donor. She had said, "I will produce my babies without doing anything wrong." (Don't Miss: Krushna Abhishek Shares A Rare Picture Of His Mom And Nani, Govinda's Mother And A Classical Singer)

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