Rajveer Deol Reveals How His Uncle, Abhay Deol Influenced Him: 'He Showed Me A Different World'

Rajveer Deol shared how he was influenced in the world of acting by his uncle, Abhay Deol. He also stated how it was hard for his 'dadaji', Dharmendra to explain his acting process.


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Rajveer Deol Reveals How His Uncle, Abhay Deol Influenced Him: 'He Showed Me A Different World'

Sunny Deol’s secondborn son, Rajveer Deol is all set to make his debut with the film, Dono alongside Paloma Dhillon, the daughter of Poonam Dhillon. There's no denying the fact that the audience is excited to see the performance of the two-star kids. While the audience is already bowled over with Rajveer's good looks and good manners, they are also expecting to see a great performance by Dharmendra's grandson. However, in a recent interview, Rajveer opened up about how it was a bit tough for his grandfather to explain his acting process and how he was influenced by his uncle, Abhay Deol.

Rajveer Deol shares it was hard for his dadaji, Dharmendra to explain his process

In a recent interview with NBT Entertainment, Rajveer Deol stated that it was a bit hard for his grandpa, Dharmendra to explain his acting process. Talking about the reason, Rajveer stated that for a big legend like his dadaji, it was really hard to explain their process as it was a different era for them, and they had their own difficulties to overcome. Rajveer said:

"I think, for dadaji to understand anything, these big big legends, it’s hard for them to explain their process (acting process). It was a different era and they had their own difficulties to overcome."

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Rajveer Deol reveals how his uncle, Abhay Deol influenced him in the world of acting 

Further in the interview, Rajveer Deol mentioned that it was his uncle, Abhay Deol, who influenced him. Rajveer added that Abhay showed him a completely different world, which actually sparked an interest in him about acting. Speaking along the same lines, Rajveer shared:

"Abhay chacha I could relate to more and he showed me a different world for movies. And my interest rose after that and so you can see a bit of influence from him in me.”

Sharing how his uncle, Abhay Deol influenced him, Rajveer Deol stated that the former told him that people would keep limitations on him and they can easily impose their thoughts on anyone. For instance, if someone says that he is a quiet guy, then the latter will automatically think that to be true. Rajveer said that Abhay taught him about how, subconsciously, one can think of limitations that don't exist in reality. Elaborating more on the same, Rajveer stated:

"He just told me that people will keep limitations on you. They will say you are quiet and mentally you will think you are a quiet person. So these are the limitations that people will put on you and subconsciously you think of those limitations and in reality they don’t exist if you don’t want them to exist. So the understanding is that a quiet guy can be an extrovert and a shy guy can be violent and violent guy can be a loving guy.”


When Rajveer Deol opened up about the statements regarding actors having an easy life

Earlier, in an interview with Sidharth Kannan, Rajveer Deol opened up about the notion of actors having an easy life. The actor stated that throughout his whole life, he has seen his father, Sunny Deol, working really hard despite being a superstar.

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When Rajveer Deol stated that his papa, Sunny Deol hated his decision to join the film industry

During his debut film's trailer launch event, Rajveer talked about his decision to join the film industry. He said that his parents hated his decision to join the entertainment world because life in this line is a bit unpredictable. The actor shared how it took 22 years for his papa to give a hit, and thus, his family members were a bit worried about him about such a mentally draining line. Rajveer said that he fell in love with acting.


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