Raj Kapoor's Immense Heartbreak After Nargis Married Sunil Dutt, He Would Profusely Weep Every Night

Throwback to the time when Raj Kapoor reportedly suffered a deep heartbreak and felt cheated as Nargis married Sunil Dutt.


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Raj Kapoor's Immense Heartbreak After Nargis Married Sunil Dutt, He Would Profusely Weep Every Night

Raj Kapoor and Nargis were undoubtedly one of the most successful and iconic pairs in Bollywood. The duo had created a saga of not just films which included Awara, Aag, Shree 420, Barsaat, Jaagte Raho among countless others. In fact, their unmissable on-screen chemistry had even seeped into their personal lives and they were madly in love with one another. While Raj Kapoor at that time was married to Krishna Kapoor and lived in a household with their kids, he would never shy away from publicly proclaiming Nargis as the mother of his films.

Raj Kapoor and Nargis’ famous love saga

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A 22-year-old Raj Kapoor met a 20-year-old Nargis for the first time in the year 1948 when they were paired together for their first film, Aag. Nargis, by this time, was an already established superhit actress and had done a total of 8 blockbuster films by then. Gradually, their love blossomed on the sets of this film, and thereafter many other films together. Nargis had completely surrendered herself to Raj, in love, which also included pooling in all her money for his films. She did it all despite knowing that he was an already married man. Raj Kapoor, on the other hand, had even promised to marry her and so the latter waited for as long as 9 years for him to fulfil the promise.

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Nargis decided to move on with Sunil Dutt after being left cheated on by Raj Kapoor

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However, Nargis gradually started to grow restless about Raj Kapoor’s said promise to her about marriage and even felt that he was no longer interested in marrying her. Moreover, she grew all the more dissatisfied when Raj offered her a non-glamorous role, in his film, Shree 420 in 1955. As a result, she signed her iconic film, Mother India in 1957 without informing Raj, a decision which hurt him immensely. With destiny’s plans, the infamous fire accident that took place on the sets of Mother India brought Nargis and her new co-star, Sunil Dutt closer and they subsequently fell in love. Thereafter, Sunil Dutt and Nargis tied the knot in 1958.

Raj Kapoor used to weep every night post Nargis’ marriage, claiming she cheated on him

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The shocking news of Nargis tying the knot with Sunil Dutt was utterly devastating for Raj Kapoor as he felt totally cheated on. In many of his interviews subsequently, Raj Kapoor was heard proclaiming how he would never forgive Nargis for cheating on him, and he had even maintained the same stance up till Nargis’ death in 1981. Nevertheless, it was his wife, Krishna Kapoor, who had once revealed the impact of the news of Nargis’ marriage on Raj Kapoor. She had mentioned how night after night he would come home drunk, and weep profusely after collapsing in the bathtub. In her words:

“Night after night he would come home drunk and collapse in the bathtub weeping.”

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When Krishna Kapoor forgave Nargis for bringing troubles to her marriage

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Despite being hailed as ‘the greatest showman in the world’, Raj Kapoor was a ladies man due to his frequent link-ups with many leading ladies. Of course, his infamous affair with Nargis was the most talked-about gossip deet and is known to all. However, despite all his other trips, he seemed to come back to his married wife, Krishna Kapoor at the end of the day. It surely spoke volumes about Krishna’s patience and confidence to stand brave despite it all. Proof of the same was found when once Nargis had met Raj and Krishna at a party and had reportedly apologised to the latter for bringing mayhem in her marital life. To this, Krishna had shown her bigger heart and had forgiven her immediately by saying:

“If I will not be there, then someone else will be”.

What do you think about Raj Kapoor’s feelings after Nargis married Sunil Dutt?

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