Radhika Apte And Her Husband Benedict Taylor's Dream Home Is Personal, Magical And Full Of Life


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Radhika Apte And Her Husband Benedict Taylor's Dream Home Is Personal, Magical And Full Of Life

The outgoing and bold actress Radhika Apte is very much simple and humble than we could have realised. Manjhi: The Mountain Man actress, in fact, thinks that beauty is there in everything and its totally on us to breathe life and energy into them.

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Unlike other B-town stars, her home is not only about high-end tastes and luxury living but it’s more about having relaxation, making memories, creating a peaceful environment, incorporating nature and welcoming people. Her abode not only communicates her style statement and opulence but also her inventive side, her attachment with her loved ones and her interest in Mother Nature. Let us take a sneak peek into her clean, hearty and organized home.

Home is where the heart is

Radhika Apte Home

Little did the Shor In The City fame actress Radhika knew that one day she will be calling Mumbai her home. Radhika’s husband Benedict Taylor was the one who gave her courage to shift to Mumbai to try her luck and pursue acting as her career. According to Radhika, her British avant-garde composer and violist husband, Benedict told her:

“He said ‘Just let’s go to Bombay and try and make this happen’”

Crediting her husband for choosing the apartment they currently reside in, Radhika Apte was quoted as saying:

“He (Benedict) has a great sense of the kind of house to live in because he looks at the light, and he is better at imagining what the house could be turned into. I implement his vision. It is important to have light in your house. So, I have always looked for houses that have enough light.”

The in-house plants

Radhika Apte House

She has always wanted that special green space inside her house to increase positivity and make the living space more calm and beautiful. The presence of plants is therapeutic for the award-winning actress. So, she decided to have a little greenery for that energy and balance. Of course, she puts in lots of dedication and efforts to maintain it. Also, she is someone who won’t let her childhood memories go away easily.

She said:

“I have lots of plants and that is because I have grown up around trees”

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Making the most of balcony

Radhika Apte House

There is another wonderful and transformed space that she flaunts to her friends, fans and family. She has taken the balcony in and ended up changing the entire look of that small enclosure. It is one of her most passionate spaces where she spends some personal time. This room with ‘hip and new’ mindset gives her access to outdoor space, outside view and fresh air and breeze. This is not only her reading nook but the place where she enjoys her night tea as well. Talking about her favourite spot, her balcony, Radhika said:

"This used to be a balcony, which I've taken in. This is one of my favourite spots because I open this completely and such lovely breeze comes in inspite of it being Bombay. In the monsoons, it's better. I love this spot because it’s where I can kick back and relax. You can usually find me lounging here with a cup of tea at night. My night teas happen here with these lights on."

Doors- colourful assets

Radhika Apte Home

Much more goes into making a home than furnishings. For Radhika, colours are the very important aspect of her life. And for that, she has beautifully made the doors graduated from being just a piece of security and privacy to a design segment. Yes, she has her doors in vivid colours to enrich her living space.

Radhika Apte Home

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The different-hued doors accentuate her well-designed interiors. As per Radhika, she was inspired by her teacher in school who used to paint her fans. Instead of fans, she has started off with doors. She retorted:

“My teacher in school used to paint her fans with different colours which I still want to do. I am still contemplating that idea. As of now I have started painting my doors. If someone asks me ‘Can I use your bathroom’, I go ‘purple door’.”

Warm and welcoming guest room

 Radhika Apte Home

Radhika has a big heart and wants guests over to her place. And for that, she has created a space that could measure up to their expectations. With a couch and throw pillows, she has created a quiet place to relax. With limited items in the room, she has generated a large space. There is a bright yellow wall to be filled with paintings one day. While comfort is the key, there is intimacy and charm for the guests to bask into. Radhika asserted,

“There will be a day when this wall will be completely filled with paintings,”

Spacious rooms and high ceilings

Radhika Apte Home

Large, well-lit and airy rooms were Radhika’s key aspects while zeroing in on a house. She has always preferred a house with high ceilings and ample air and light circulation. Her choice was to have a perfect all-season ambience for her home.

Radhika said:

“When you wake up, there must be lot of light in house. So, I have looked for houses where there is enough light.”

She added:

“This house has higher ceilings which make it look a breathy area and spacious.”

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Borrowed ideas and furnitures- old school charm

Radhika Apte House

It is not only modern concepts and techniques that Radhika has incorporated in her urban home. She has also invited warmth, childhood memories and a vintage aura with certain classics which never go out of style. Stool, chairs and small furniture that she has borrowed from her grandmother and parents make for a most stunning vintage home decor ideas. So, apart from her mind, Radhika has also put her heart, soul and emotions into styling her home.

Sharing her attachment with a “special chair” in the living room, Radhika was quoted as saying:

“This chair was one of the first pieces of furniture that I got made with my own money, mostly because my mum loves it. She finds it perfect to sit on as it is very comfortable. It’s her spot. I don’t sit on it, and neither does Benedict.”

Minimalistic Bedroom Decor

Radhika Apte House

Radhika Apte and Benedict Taylor’s bedroom has a full-length mirror. Talking about it, Radhika said:

“I’ve placed the mirror here to make my room more spacious.”

About the uneven allotment of cupboards between Radhika and Benedict, she said:

"He has hardly any clothes and I have lots of clothes."

Radhika’s private room- sets her apart

Radhika Apte Home

Her spare room more of defines her workspace at home. Once she enters this room, she is Radhika- the professional. The room separates her from her personal space physically as well as mentally. She transports herself to this secluded island, get ready and refocuses on her tasks, assignments, events and shoots. This is a space that helps her maintain that work-life balance.

So, this is how the bubby actress Radhika Apte creates a pretty space for herself and husband Benedict Taylor. With her hubby’s creative imagination and her efforts, she has created a home which is a reflection of her style, ideas and values. From flowers to furniture, to family pictures and heirlooms; her abode includes all that brings to her happiness, energy and fond memories.

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