Priyamani Says South Actresses Don't Believe In Size Zero, Remarks, 'Audience Like Actors Healthier'

Priyamani claims how actresses from Tollywood never believed in the concept of being size zero, since audience love actors who are healthier.


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Priyamani Says South Actresses Don't Believe In Size Zero, Remarks, 'Audience Like Actors Healthier'

Priyamani is one of the A-listed actresses in Tollywood, and she has rightfully etched her name across Tamil, Telugu and Malayali regional film industries. Furthermore, she has even done considerable work in Bollywood, be it her stint in films like Raavan, Chennai Express and Jawan. Apart from her acting stint, she often grabs attention for her bold opinions and candid revelations. And something similar happened yet again.

Priyamani shares her views on getting beauty treatments like botox and fillers

In a recent interaction with News18 Showsha, Priyamani shared her perspective on getting beauty treatments, like botox and fillers done, in order to enhance facial features being an actress. She remarked that while these procedures are done to look young and beautiful, at the end of the day, it is one’s own personal choice. Moreover, she took her own example and stated how many people both in the industry as well as her own family constantly compare her with other contemporaries. She expressed:

“If you want to feel and look good, you can do what you want to achieve that. At the end of the day, it’s a personal choice. I’m in an industry where comparisons are bound to happen. People will tell me why I can’t look like my contemporaries. This may come from family members, who might not mean it in a negative way to demotivate you. So, they won’t call you fat.”

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Priyamani claims actresses in Tollywood never believed in the concept of size zero

Moving further in the conversation, Priyamani talked about how having a desired size and physique is considered ideal for an actress. Nevertheless, she claimed how there was a time in the South Indian film industry, where actresses remained slightly curvy and healthy in appearance, and didn’t run behind being size zero. She stated that audience always loved actors who were healthier and not slimmer. In her words:

“Today, our female actors are so fit and they’re so conscious of what they eat and how they look. But at one point, there were very few girls who were so conscious. They ate whatever they wanted to. The audience, in fact, liked actors who were healthier because who they saw onscreen was relatable. It’s only recently that conversations about being size zero or figure and skin conscious have gained ground.”


Priyamani reveals she was never suggested to get botox and fillers

Speaking more on the topic, Priyamani recalled the year 2002 when she made her debut in films, and revealed how back then, South actresses weren’t much concerned in looking flawlessly beautiful by opting for expensive treatments, something which has now become a hype. She revealed how nobody ever advised her to do botox or go for lip fillers. Revealing how she herself doesn’t trust such methods, Priyamani shared:

“They go to skin doctors and get themselves beautified, which is okay. If someone wants to make it big in the industry and wants to look flawless, they should do it. But I began my career in 2002. Back then, the south girls didn’t give in to meeting beauty standards. I’ve never been told by anyone to get botox or fillers done. Even if they did, I would probably shut them down or walk out of the film because I personally don’t believe in these things.”

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Priyamani opens up about the only time she opted for a strict diet

In the concluding segment of the interaction, Priyamani also revealed her opinion on diving into crash diets, so as to achieve a desirable look within a stipulated period of time. Furthermore, the diva talked about the only time that she ever ventured into a diet, which was a personal choice and not because of the requirements for her films. Priyamani recalled asking her mother one fine day to have a vegetable-based diet made for her, since she wanted to see how her body reacts after cutting down on certain food items.


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