Yummylicious: Decoding The Benefits Of A Chocolate Spa For All Brides


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Yummylicious: Decoding The Benefits Of A Chocolate Spa For All Brides

Wedding is exciting (because there’s endless shopping), but the planning and execution part is tiring, especially for a bride. And, one of the best ways to rejuvenate and revive your mind and body is to indulge in an elaborate chocolate spa session. The feeling is priceless and heavenly.

Here’s a complete insight on how this popular spa works on your skin and body.

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Why chocolate spa is so popular?

The benefits it has are beyond just rejuvenating you or giving you a glowing skin.

  • Look younger: The caffeine content of chocolate stimulates better circulation, thus improving blood flow. This in turn, invigorates the skin cells, aiding in cell-renewal and delayed skin ageing. 
  • Get firmer look: Improved blood circulation because of cocoa-enriched massage which is known to break cellulite and firm the skin. 
  • Baby soft skin: Cocoa butter, often used in the massages, contains high amount of natural oils that are essential in treating dry, rough and flaky skin. A complete chocolate spa with cocoa butter massage and a chocolate body wrap is perfect to treat tired, dull and dry skin. 

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  • No more rough skin spots: With a chocolate exfoliation and massage, you can target the stubborn dark skin spots like elbows, knees, knuckles and feet. There will be a clearly visible softening and brightening effect. The more the amount of cocoa butter cream, the more moisturised and supple your skin will feel.  
  • Get a healthier, fresher glow: Darker the chocolate, richer it is in antioxidants. It thus helps in removing the toxins due to pollution, dust and sweat, adding glow and shine to the skin. 

  • Forget stress: The aroma of chocolates has a therapeutic effect that relaxes the mind and body when exhausted. This makes it perfect for the bride-to-be, who is so worried and nervous about so many things before the wedding. 
  • Add some spark: Dark chocolate is also known to be an aphrodisiac. So, not just a week prior to the wedding, you can even try the chocolate spa right before your honeymoon. Better yet, why not take your beloved with you for an elaborate, couple's choco spa session?

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Choose the correct time

The perfect time to go for a chocolate spa is just before the wedding and right after all the tedious tasks like shopping, planning, etc. have been done. Ideally, a week prior to the wedding is the best time to get any spa. This will help you relax and be stress-free for the occasions and functions to come.

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What it actually involves

There are three parts of the chocolate spa - chocolate scrub, chocolate massage and chocolate body wrap. Many brides-to-be also use the chocolate scrub and massage to deal with cellulite .

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In this procedure, a mild body scrub that has cocoa granules is used to remove the dead skin cells and grime. This is followed by a chocolate serum that is applied on the body. In many cases, it is a combination of chocolate with other ingredients like coffee or walnut grits, or cream in case of very dry skin. The massage is usually done with a nourishing cream that has chocolate essence. Coffee or grapefruit can also be mixed in the massage cream for added benefits.

The final step is that of a chocolate wrap that is like a mask for the whole body. The main ingredient here is cocoa powder. The time of a chocolate spa therapy ranges from 1 hour to about 1 hour 45 minutes depending on how elaborate the massage and exfoliation is. Some women prefer a longer massage, especially if they are experiencing a lot of stress.

Chocolates do more than just satisfy the sweet tooth. So, go ahead, indulge to your heart’s content, without being worried about any added calories!

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