When Prachi Desai Flew To A Far-Off Country To Surprise Her BF, But Found Out He Was Lying To Her

In a throwback interview, Prachi Desai had talked about the heartbreaking incident when she had flown to a far-off country to meet a person she was dating, only to find out that he was lying to her.


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When Prachi Desai Flew To A Far-Off Country To Surprise Her BF, But Found Out He Was Lying To Her

Bollywood actress, Prachi Desai made her acting debut as the lead actress in the popular TV show, Kasam Se. She became a household name with the portrayal of the character, 'Bani' in the show. Later on, Prachi forayed into Bollywood with the film, Rock On! in 2008, and proved that her versatility is second to none. Over the years, the actress played significant roles in films like Once Upon a Time in Mumbai, Rock On 2, Azhar, I, Me Aur Main, and Bol Bachchan.

Ever since Prachi Desai made a name for herself in the entertainment industry, she has been living in our hearts rent-free. The actress rules many hearts, but on the personal front, she is happily single. It is no news that the 34-years-old actress prefers to keep her personal life under the wraps. However, in one of her rare interviews, Prachi had narrated an incident when she was lied to by the person she was dating.

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Prachi Desai

Earlier, in a conversation with Filmfare, Prachi Desai had narrated an incident from her past relationship and revealed how she was madly-in-love with a person but ended up being lied to. The Azhar actress had shared that the person she was dating had told her that he was in a particular country, so she had flown across countries to surprise him. However, she added that upon reaching there, she realized that he had lied to her. Talking about the same, she had said:

“I’ve flown across countries for someone. When I had spoken to ‘him’ on the phone, he said he was in a particular country. I believed him and flew across to give him a surprise. But when I reached there, I realized that he had lied. He was not there! I made the most of it and holidayed alone. That’s how you cope with it, you give yourself a good time.”

Prachi had further mentioned how she had dealt with the situation at that time and revealed that she is a practical person, who can drive a person crazy by ignoring them. Reflecting on the same, she mentioned that she gave the guy a silent treatment and didn't create a scene by telling him that she had flown to surprise him. In her words:

“I’m not the kind who will stalk you. I drive a person crazy just by ignoring them. He had absolutely no idea why I was giving him the silent treatment because he had no idea I had flown there. It worked wonderfully. I’m a practical person. Even though I’m sensitive, I can’t dwell on situations and let them affect me. I deal with things internally. People around me won’t even know what’s going on. I’ll never create a scene. Maybe after some time has passed, I’ll tell them off in a civil manner. It can be a little unhealthy at times but that’s how I deal with it.”

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Earlier, in an interview with the ETimes, Prachi Desai had opened up about her idea of marriage and revealed what kind of life-partner she wanted in her life. The actress mentioned that she had given up on the idea of marriage and added that she wouldn't mind tying the knot if she would find someone special. Sharing that her parents never bring up the topic of her marriage, Prachi had added:

"You know, I have been married so many times on screen that I think I am done with it for now. When my friends actually tell me that their parents are bringing up the topic at home, I find it a little surprising and odd because my parents never do that. Whoever the guy is for me, he better be prepared. I live on my terms, and I love my independence too much to give it up for marriage right now. I won't mind being married a few years later, but again, only if and when someone perfect comes along."

Prachi Desai stunning

Prachi Desai is an exceptional actress, but she has been missing from the silver screen for some time now.

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