Prachi Desai Issues Advice For Her Future Husband, Hilariously Reveals Why She's Done With Marriage

'Silence... Can You Hear It?' actress, Prachi Desai revealed the kind of future husband she's looking for but also hilariously revealed why she feels that she's done with the idea of marriage.


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Prachi Desai Issues Advice For Her Future Husband, Hilariously Reveals Why She's Done With Marriage

Bollywood actress, Prachi Desai often prefers not to unwrap the details of her personal life in public, but in a recent interview, the actress quite surprisingly revealed it all in her candid conversation. From talking about the kind of partner she would love to have in her life, her parent's take on her marriage, to why she feels she's done with the idea of getting married, the gorgeous actress revealed it all. While some of her answers are hilarious, some speak volumes about her character, narrating that she's a boss lady.

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According to multiple media reports, during the shooting of Bol Bachchan, the film's director, Rohit Shetty, had allegedly gotten attracted towards Prachi Desai. There were rumours that Rohit, who had gotten married to Maya in 2005, had an alleged affair with the actress, which had gotten quite serious. If rumours are to be believed, these two had started living together. In the end, the relationship had ended, and Rohit had gone back to his wife. Neither Rohit nor Prachi had reacted to any of the reports about their rumoured affair.

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In an interview ETimes, Silence... Can You Hear It? Actress, Prachi Desai opened up about her personal life and revealed her thoughts about the institution of marriage. The actress revealed that the kind of upbringing her parents have given her, she never thought about marriage as some sort of safety or a way to escape the failures of her career. She explained, "My parents have brought me up in such a way that I never saw marriage as a safety net or as something I would do if my career slowed down for a bit or something didn't work out."

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Going further in her interview, Prachi Desai also added that she belongs to an extremely humble background and never had any godfathers or hand-holders in Bollywood. Thus, all the things she has achieved in her acting career are a product of her sheer hard work and her family's sacrifices, which is why her parents never force the idea of marriage on her. The actress stated, "We belong to a really humble background, and we feel it's a big deal that we have come this far. For them and for me, it is something I completely own that I have made it this far in my profession on my own, with no godfathers or hand-holders. My parents have always respected my space and never spoken about marriage or finding a guy."

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However, the best part of her candid conversation was when Prachi Desai hilariously revealed why she's done with the idea of marriage; even she's single at the moment. The actress explained, "You know, I have been married so many times on screen that I think I am done with it for now." On a serious note, the actress clearly mentioned that her parents have never brought the topic of marriage in front of her till now. She added, "When my friends actually tell me that their parents are bringing up the topic at home, I find it a little surprising and odd because my parents never do that."

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At the end of her conversation, Prachi Desai was asked to reveal the kind of life-partner she would love to have in her life. The actress issued a disclaimer for her future husband and stated that she wouldn't mind tying the marital knot in the next few years, but it has to be someone special. She concluded, "Whoever the guy is for me, he better be prepared. I live on my terms, and I love my independence too much to give it up for marriage right now. I won't mind being married a few years later, but again, only if and when someone perfect comes along."

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