Pooja Bhatt On Wearing Body Paint For Controversial Magazine Cover, 'Never Thought It'd Go Viral'

Recently, Pooja Bhatt opened up about her controversial magazine cover in the 90s, which was inspired by Demi Moore and revealed how it was shot organically.


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Pooja Bhatt On Wearing Body Paint For Controversial Magazine Cover, 'Never Thought It'd Go Viral'

Pooja Bhatt has always led a controversial life just like her father, Mahesh Bhatt. The actress never conformed to societal norms and conventional life decisions. Every now and then, Pooja broke many prevalent stereotypes, raising many eyebrows. Apart from her gutsy and feisty choice of films, she was well-known for her sensuous looks back then. Since a very young age, Pooja has been a target of brickbats and critiques, but nothing could ever deter her love for the glamour world.

When Pooja Bhatt went topless for a magazine cover

Back in the 1990s, Pooja Bhatt was hailed among the most sought-after actors in Bollywood. During a time when bold dresses were looked down upon, Pooja posed nude for a magazine shoot and covered her body in paint. For the unversed, the photo shoot was inspired by a similar Vanity Fair cover featuring Demi Moore. However, back in those days, Pooja received huge flak for her bold move and got brutally slammed.

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Pooja Bhatt opens up about her controversial magazine photoshoot 

Now in an interview with Siddharth Kannan, Pooja Bhatt recalled her meeting with Anna Singh, who painted her body for the photoshoot, and photographer, Dinesh Raheja at Jagdish Mali’s studio. Talking about the same, the actress revealed that the photo shoot was inspired by Demi Moore and it was done organically. She said:

“I saw the original photo of Demi Moore and I found it to be very aesthetic. I never thought I was doing anything controversial. It’s about neeyat. I thought it was aesthetic, and I just did it like that. It was not pre-planned that, ‘Oh this will go viral’. These words didn’t exist in those times. We did things organically. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. Sometimes it used to get controversial, so we had to keep our head low, and sometimes people really liked it.”

Comparing herself with the youngsters today, Pooja mentioned that the former are barely organic in their approach. The actress added that if one worries about the views on a post, things will not work out. She said:

“That organic nature has been watered down in today’s times. Some of today’s youngsters are too cautious. When you start playing to the gallery constantly and start thinking, ‘If I will post this picture, these many views will come’, then it doesn’t work.”

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Pooja Bhatt reveals she had a boyfriend when she was just 19 years old

Pooja Bhatt also reflected upon her controversial image in the media back then and said that if her parents didn’t disapprove of her actions, she never felt the need to hide anything. Revealing that she had a boyfriend when she was just 19 years old, Pooja said:

“I had a simple funda in life that if my parents know who I am, and what I am doing, and they give me the seal of approval… Like, I had a boyfriend at 19 when I was doing Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin and they knew about it, then why should I hide it from the media.”

What are your views about Pooja Bhatt's revelations?

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