Meet P. Sivakumar Who Gifted Royal Enfield Bikes Worth Rs. 2 Lakhs To His Employees As Diwali Bonus

P. Sivakumar owns a tea estate and is hitting all the headlines after he gifted Royal Enfield bikes worth Rs. 2 lakh each to his employees as a Diwali bonus. Here's all you need to know about him.


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Meet P. Sivakumar Who Gifted Royal Enfield Bikes Worth Rs. 2 Lakhs To His Employees As Diwali Bonus

India is a diversified country with a vast list of auspicious festivals celebrated by people of different cultures and religions. One such festival is Diwali, which is also known as the festival of lights. It is one of India's most celebrated festivals. It serves as a major occasion in the e-commerce sector, as many fancy deals and offers make their way into online and offline shopping.

Another major reason why Diwali holds an essential place in almost every Indian's heart is the fact that most of the companies offer Diwali bonuses to their employees. While it's a tremendous financial booster for the employees, it also plays a major role in creating a bond between entrepreneurs and their employees. Over the years, many business owners have set an example by splashing a massive sum of money on purchasing gifts for their employees.

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Today, we will talk about one such entrepreneur, who broke the headlines in November 2023 when he announced that he would gift motorbikes worth Rs. 2 lakhs to his employees. Not only this but huge cash bonuses and expensive gifts were also announced publicly. As soon as the news appeared on the internet, several netizens started sharing their stories about Diwali bonuses.

While some admitted that their bosses have earned their respect by giving them expensive Diwali gifts, a few people shared how they're getting the same gift almost every year. Every employee has their own story, but the ones working under P. Sivakumar is on cloud nine at the moment. So, without further ado, let's get straight into the details of the Diwali bonuses that P. Sivakumar delivered to his employees.

Meet P. Sivakumar, who gifted motorbikes worth Rs. 2 lakhs to his employees as Diwali bonus

In a heartwarming gesture, a renowned entrepreneur, P. Sivakumar, who is the owner of a vast 315-acre tea estate, has once again demonstrated his generosity during Diwali. Renowned for his tradition of giving lavish gifts to his employees, Sivakumar has surpassed all expectations this year. The entrepreneur selected 15 employees from his team and gifted them brand-new Royal Enfield motorcycles, each valued at over Rs. 2 lakhs.

P. Sivakumar's history of giving expensive Diwali gifts is quite known to almost everybody on the internet. From gifting household appliances like LCD TVs to huge cash bonuses, Sivakumar has created a legacy of appreciating his 627 dedicated workers over the past two decades with noteworthy Diwali bonuses. This extraordinary gesture not only acknowledges his employees' hard work but also reinforces the sense of a close-knit work family among the entire company.

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P. Sivakumar went on a ride with his employees

After handing over the keys of Royal Enfield bikes to his employees, P. Sivakumar won everyone's hearts again when he decided to join his team on a ride. P. Sivakumar joined the 15 employees who received the expensive motorbike, and the sweet gesture not only strengthened their bond but also gave a brand new definition to the relationship between a boss and his employees.

In a conversation with News18, one of the employees, who received a Royal Enfield from P. Sivakumar opened up about his experience of getting a Diwali gift from him and going on a ride with his boss. Opening up about the same, the employee shared:

"We were never expecting this type of gift. He [the owner] gifted around 15 Royal Enfield bikes, whichever we preferred, and it is something that I believe nobody will get, but we got it. We are blessed by his work and the teamwork which we have done."

When P. Sivakumar revealed why he gives such expensive gifts to his employees on Diwali

In a conversation with The New Indian Express, P. Sivakumar opened up about gifting Royal Enfield bikes worth Rs. 2 lakhs each to his 15 employees. The businessman admitted that his employees had been the biggest reason for his entrepreneurial growth. Not only this, Sivakumar also admitted that he wanted to make his employees feel special and motivated towards their work. He said:

"Employees have contributed significantly to my growth. After previously gifting them electronic appliances, I wanted to provide bikes to some workers and purchased them last Sunday."

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P. Sivakumar is a famous entrepreneur in Tamil Nadu who owns a sprawling 315-acre tea estate near the Kotagiri area. As per multiple reports, Sivakumar started his entrepreneurial journey with just 60 acres of land.

However, with the help of his dedicated employees, he managed to generate huge profits. Currently, Sivakumar owns 190 acres of tea gardens, and the rest is dedicated to flowers and vegetable gardens. After setting the bar this high, it'll be interesting to see what Sivakumar will gift his employees next Diwali.

What are your thoughts about P. Sivakumar's gesture to give Royal Enfield bikes to his employees as a Diwali bonus? Share your thoughts with us.

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