When Kishwer Merchantt Talked About Missing Hubby Suyyash Rai And Having Babies


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When Kishwer Merchantt Talked About Missing Hubby Suyyash Rai And Having Babies

The tinselville has witnessed many popular couples tying the knot and throwing some major relationship goals consistently, and one of those couples is Bigg Boss contestants, Suyyash Rai and Kishwer Merchantt.

The couple, after going steady for a few years tied the knot in 2016 end and since then, their social media posts are all about moments filled with love and all things sweet. Suyyash recently posted an adorable photo of him and Kishwer kissing, and since then, everyone’s been talking about it, because it deserves to be talked about!  

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Here, take a look at the photo: 

Suyyash Rai Kishwer Merchantt Instagram

So much high on mush this is, right? The internet is totally crushing on this romantic click right now! And so, entertainment portal SpotBoyE contacted Kishwer to know what’s cooking and when this lovely couple was planning to start a family, and the lady had the coolest things to say. 

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Suyyash Rai Kishwer Merchantt Instagram

Talking about the story behind this aww-worthy picture, Kishwer said: 

“We have been missing each other a lot. Suyyash has been travelling to Rajasthan for his show. I was in Chandigarh for a while. The day I came back, he had to leave for Goa. So, we just decided to put our kiss picture out. Nothing wrong with that. Plus, this kiss was not in public. Three of our closest friends were with us.” 

Suyyash Rai Kishwer Merchantt Instagram

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That’s the true story of an actor’s life we guess! Speaking of putting up this picture on a public domain, Kishwer said:

“Certainly nothing wrong, but were you a bit apprehensive before you put it out in the public domain?”

Now that’s a perfect reply for anyone who thought uploading this picture on a public domain was not apt.

Suyyash Rai Kishwer Merchantt Instagram

Speaking of babies and when SuKish fans could expect the stork visiting them, Kishwer said: 

“Not for the next 2 years at least. We both are busy in our work.”

Well, that’s the kind of clarity couples need in their relationship, and once again, this beautiful diva’s response has impressed us and given us couple goals! Here’s wishing these cuties the most beautiful journey ahead. And for more updates on your favourite celebs, stay tuned with us. 

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