Neena Gupta Finally Reacts To Her 'Faltu Feminism' Comment, 'They Used That To Create Controversy'

In a recent interview, Neena Gupta opened up about her viral 'faltu feminism' comment and clarified her stance on the same.


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Neena Gupta Finally Reacts To Her 'Faltu Feminism' Comment, 'They Used That To Create Controversy'

Neena Gupta often grabs the limelight for her controversial statements and unconventional life choices. The 64-year-old actress has been winning our hearts by living her life to the fullest without the fear of judgment. Recently, Neena raised many eyebrows as, in an interview, she shared that it’s not necessary to believe in 'faltu feminism' or the idea that women are equal to men. However, she has now given clarification about the same.

Neena Gupta on her 'faltu feminism' comment

Recently, in a conversation with The Indian Express, Neena Gupta reacted to her old statement and provided a clarification on the same. The actress said that things were taken out of context and only a small portion of the interview was aired just to create a controversy. Talking about the same, Neena said:

“What they did is that they only used that chunk from the whole interview for promotions, to create a controversy. It said that I don’t believe in ‘faltu feminism’, and after that, people are fighting amongst each other. If one person is cursing me for saying that, someone else says, ‘What do you know? Watch the whole interview’. There should be a reference to what I said.”

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Neena Gupta confesses to goofing up big time on social media

Speaking along the same lines, Neena Gupta confessed that she has made many mistakes, but now she’s more cautious while posting something on social media. She also added that she never makes a social media post when she's angry, upset or drunk, because a lot of people follow her, and she might regret it later. Stating that she has goofed up big time, too, Neena said:

“I have made mistakes a couple of times. Many of us do. I now make sure that I don’t post anything on social media if I am angry, or if I’ve had a fight with someone. One should also not post if they are drunk, because if you do, then you regret it later. Thoda sambhalna padta hai. You have to use the right language because a lot of people are listening to what you say. I have goofed up big time too.”


Neena Gupta shares her life mantra

Neena Gupta also opened up about loving her work and finding joy in the little things in life. She added that if a person runs behind in achieving the big things in life, they end up being miserable. Sharing her life mantra, the actress mentioned that while she was running behind her dreams, she couldn’t do what she loved doing the most. Neena added:

“I feel there are many things in this world that can give you happiness. So if you are not happy with a particular stuff in your life, look beyond it. We can also find something which we really like. There have been times when I wouldn’t have the money but shopping ka bohot shauq tha. I’d go do window shopping. Nowadays, it is so much more fun. Buy stuff online and return them, isn’t it great? So, if you really want to find happiness, toh mil jaayega kuch na kuch.”

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Neena Gupta's viral 'faltu feminism' comment

Earlier, in a podcast with Ranveer Allahbadia, Neena Gupta opened up about her views on feminism and shared her idea of equality between men and women. The actress called it useless feminism, mentioning that she doesn't believe in equal treatment. Sharing the example of pregnancy, she pointed out that men and women are not equal. Neena was quoted as saying: 

"I want to say that it’s not necessary to believe in ‘faltu feminism’ (useless feminism) or the idea that ‘women are equal to men’. Instead, focus on achieving financial independence and giving attention to your work. If you’re a housewife, don’t look down on it; it’s an important role. Boost your self-esteem and avoid thinking of yourself as small. That’s the main message I want to convey. That apart, men and women are not equal. The day men start getting pregnant, that day we will be equal."

Check out the video here.

What are your views about Neena Gupta's revelations?

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