Navina Bole Reveals That She Was Not Expecting Her Pregnancy, Hubby Karran Jeet Suggested A Test


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Navina Bole Reveals That She Was Not Expecting Her Pregnancy, Hubby Karran Jeet Suggested A Test

Those late night cravings, thinking whether to buy pink or blue towels and ending up buying both, feeling that little life inside your belly making every possible effort to come out and see the world, loose maxi dresses, hubby caressing your belly and talking to it- such beautiful things define ‘pregnancy phase’ for all women. And one of the renowned faces of Indian television, Navina Bole is going through the same phase. (Do Read: Rajat Tokas Shares A Throwback 'Together Forever' Wedding Pic With Wife Srishti On Their Anniversary)

It was during New Year’s eve, that Navina took to Instagram and indirectly shared the news of her pregnancy with her fans. A picture posted by the doting mommy-to-be had her welcome the year 2019 with great zest, as this year will give her the greatest gift of her lifetime. The picture which Navina shared, had her along with her close pals and what was amazing to see was how she held her baby bump! Sharing the picture, she wrote, “Brought in 2019 with a bang!! What a crazy night with all my favourite people in the world and the promise of a wonderful year ahead!! Cheers to great new beginnings! Happy new year lovelies.”

Navina Bole pregnancy bump

In an interview with TellyChakkar, Navina touched base with various interesting thoughts about her pregnancy. Revealing that she wasn’t expecting a pregnancy, the Baal Veer actress shared, “I was not really expecting and thus I was quite surprised. Knowing that you are going to be a mother and creating your own flesh and blood and bringing a new living being into this world is such a beautiful feeling and it just made me feel very happy. It was actually a series of emotions; I was feeling nervous, excited, anxious, tensed but more than anything I was super happy and super content that finally something that makes a woman complete is about to happen.”

Navina Bole With Baby Bump

Navina also shared her the reaction of her husband and her family when she broke this wonderful news with them, “There were a few symptoms so my husband suggested I take a home pregnancy test. I was too scared and nervous to see the results, my husband saw it first and he was extremely happy. He went mad and crazy. We told about it to our mothers and later on to other family members and they are all very happy and can’t wait for the little bundle of joy.” (Also Read: Kareena Kapoor Reveals Saif Ali Khan Cancelled Shooting For Taimur Ali Khan To Spend Time With Him)

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Navina, who is currently in her second trimester now, shared how she feels to carry a little life inside her body. Navina stated, “It is fabulous. I keep on talking to the little one as I’ve read somewhere that the child can listen to you in the third trimester. I am trying to see good things, read good books and eat healthy. I try to be happy most of the time and not be stressed. It feels great that a life is growing inside me; it’s like waking up to a miracle every single morning. I can’t thank Sai Babaji enough. I remember going to Mt. Marry church and offering of a child candle there and within a week I came to know about my pregnancy. It all just worked out so beautifully, and around the time I got pregnant, we had Ganpati Bappa at our place. There were so many beautiful co-incidences. Every day I am very grateful and I believe I will be a very protective mother.”

Navina Bole baby bump

Quite like every mother anticipating whether she will welcome a little angle or a prince in her life, Navina too, has a preference. She stated in the same interview, “I want a baby girl. I have always had a dream of having a little doll and decorate her and put her in all those fancy frocks and ribbons. My mother-in-law, my mum and my husband too want a baby girl but my inner gut feeling says it’s a boy. I will be equally happy if it’s a boy. I just want the baby to be healthy and fit. I would just want to give him/her the best of life.”

Navina Bole

The actress had further concluded with a priceless tip for all mommy-to-be’s and stated, “Embrace it. You will get bigger and fatter, you will get back pain but just realise that it’s a best and priceless experience. Enjoy it. Don’t be stressed, upset or tensed. Just let things go. Be happy, be content. Be more responsible towards your health, be aware that you have a life inside you and act accordingly. Just be happy and enjoy the best experience that life has to offer.” (Must Read: Sushmita Sen Thinks 'Whoever Invented Marriage Was Creepy As Hell', Details Inside)

Navina Bole

To tell you a little about her marital life, Navina is happily married to Karran Jeet (January 22, 2017), a guy whom she met in the gym! Speaking to Wedding Sutra about how her relationship with Karran, in a throwback interview, the gorgeous star had revealed, “Our relationship grew gradually. We eventually became the best of friends. When he confessed that he was not open to the idea of a relationship because of his bad experience, I didn’t want to pressurize him. Karran was being wary. He’d just come out of a bad relationship and wasn’t ready to jump into a new one.” And when she realised that he was the one for her, she had exclaimed in the same interview, “He is the best thing that happened to me!”

Navina Bole with hubby, Karran Jeet

Navina is expecting her baby at the end of May rf beginning of June and we totally can’t wait for 'that time of the year' to come now!

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