Mumbai Couple Sings 'Kothe Te Aa' With A Twist At Their Wedding And We Are Laughing Our Hearts Out

Punjabi wedding songs have the power to lift up your entire mood in a second! And recently, a newlywed couple from Mumbai sung the famous 'Kothe Te Aa' song and we are drooling over their chemistry.


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Mumbai Couple Sings 'Kothe Te Aa' With A Twist At Their Wedding And We Are Laughing Our Hearts Out

Big fat Punjabi weddings are all about naach, gaana, and dhol-dhamaka! We are considered loudest and our weddings a proper sho-shaa of our wealth. Amidst all the loudness and shaadi tamjhaam, our weddings aren’t complete without the lure of our folk songs. Be it ‘Din sagna da’ or ‘Nai jaana’, every tone has its own magic. (Recommend Read: Aashka Goradia Reveals Details About Bestie, Juhi Parmar's Near-Death Experience On The Day Of Holi)

The Punjabi music not only serves as a perfect song for a couple’s first dance but for the entire family, who relives their old days in the new melodies. This is one such case of a young couple who sang a famous song, ‘Kothe te aa’. While it may seem like they are any normal couple singing a song for each other during the wedding, it is the twist in the lyrics that makes us gaga over their chemistry and love. P.s: The song is re-created by the groom, who is a shayar and you just cannot miss it!

In the video, we can see the newly-wed bride teasing her groom to cut off his beard and listen to her mom. To which the groom replied that he will convince her mom and even cut off his beard for the sake of her love. Then the bride teases him again and asks him to convince her dad, who he is scared off. And to this the groom replied that he doesn’t care of his beating and will convince him too for her love.

The song is recreated by the newly-wed Mumbai couple, Anant and Veena Parasher. Their adorable chemistry and beautiful voice is setting the entire social media on fire. The duo has shared the viral video on their respective Instagram handle.

Take a look at the video below:

While Veena captioned it as, “Started the most beautiful journey of my life, with my life partner @anantmt on a musical note”, Anant wrote, “Post Wedding Singing Yes... This is US...My lovely wife, Veena and me..Singing on our Wedding.. We didn't know that our video has been put up on Social Media/Whatsapp by different users, wedding planners, etc. and it's been trending since then. We want to thank all of you for the love, blessings and messages that we had been receiving since yesterday. As requested, Sharing the original full Video here.” (Don't Miss: Manish Naggdev And Ex Srishty Rode Come Under One Roof For A Wedding For The First Time Post Breakup

Well, we are definitely loving this couple and their chemistry! What about you?

Cover and Images Courtesy: Veena Parasher