Mohena Kumari Singh Reveals The Moment When Hubby, Suyesh Rawat Stole Her Heart During Courtship

There is a moment in every couple's life when they realise that their partner is 'the one'. And Mohena Kumari Singh revealed that moment when Suyesh Rawat took her heart!


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Mohena Kumari Singh Reveals The Moment When Hubby, Suyesh Rawat Stole Her Heart During Courtship

We all are familiar with that one magical moment when we realise that we have find the one for us. While many of us might not have experienced it yet, we all have definitely seen it in films. The moment when lights fade, the music slows and protagonists realise that they have found the love of their life. They become an important part of our life. And an exactly similar moment came in television actress and real-life princess, Mohena Kumar Singh's life when her husband, Suyesh Rawat stole her heart. (Recommend Read: Mahhi Vij Shares A Cute Picture Of Her Little Doll, Tara, Recalls How She Added Colours To Her Life)

On October 14, 2019, Mohena Kumari Singh and Suyesh Rawat had taken the saat pheras and had accepted each other as their life partner for the rest of their lives. The actress is so grounded that she didn't think twice before bidding goodbye to her glorious acting career after tying the knot. In fact, in one of her interviews with The Times of India before her marriage, Mohena had proudly shared that she will be leaving the world of glam and glitz and will be packing the memories of it in her wedding trousseau. 

Mohena often shares snippets of her married life and keeps her fans updated about her life. Recently, in an interview with BollywoodLife, Mohena talked about her courtship period with Suyesh. She shared the first time when she had met her 'darling husband', and said, "I met him for the first time in Delhi. Our families made us meet. Now, he was very quiet and I am too talkative. But the thing that got me excited was the fact that he liked mountains. I love mountains. He likes to go for hikes and treks. I want to explore mountains in my life. Also, I feel people who love the hills are honest people. Also, he did not try to impress me unnecessarily or talk stupid stuff." (Also Read: Taimur Ali Khan Gets A Haircut From 'Abba', Saif Ali Khan Amidst Lockdown, Looks Cute As A Button)

The actress further shared, "He is not a quiet person. But he did take a lot of time to get talking to me. He got me curious. When I discovered him, I found him nice. He is very peaceful and calm. I can be dramatic and a little difficult. I feel we kind of complete each other. What I like about him is the fact that he inspires me to try out new things in life. He has told me not to get disconnected from what I love to do. He helps me shoot my vlogs."

Mohena shared the moment when she realised she has found the right man and said, "I remember attending the Star Parivaar Awards and then we were supposed to meet for dinner. He waited patiently for four to five years. I got late at the awards. When I reached there he was like, "It is ok, in this line it takes time, I do understand." I fell flat. I was like he is the nicest person I have ever met."

In an interview with The Times of India, Mohena had revealed how life has been treating her post-marriage. She had shared, "The food in my new home in Dehradun is just amazing. My in-laws eat good homemade spicy food. And I have been eating a lot spicier and yummier food at my new abode, meeting new family members, relatives and friends. It’s like a break for me and it just feels so good." (Don't Miss: Archana Puran Singh's Mother And Husband, Parmeet Sethi Make Fun Of Her, Call Her 'Video Wala')

Well, Mohena and Suyesh's love story is definitely an inspiration for all of us! 

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