Who Is Italian Model, Eugenio? Who Got Fired From Met Gala For Stealing Limelight From Kylie Jenner

Meet Italian model, Eugenio Casnighi, who was fired from the Met Gala 2023 after he reportedly stole the limelight from American socialite, Kylie Jenner.


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Who Is Italian Model, Eugenio? Who Got Fired From Met Gala For Stealing Limelight From Kylie Jenner

Met Gala is considered as the world's most glamorous and prestigious fashion event. Titled as the 'fashion's biggest night', every year Met Gala dominates news headlines and social media trends. Famous personalities from different industries, like fashion, film, television, theatre, sports, social media, politics, and many more, attend the iconic event. Vogue Magazine organises the Met Gala, and the fashion event is held at New York City's Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. For the unversed, the Met Gala takes place every year on the first Monday of the month of May.

Met Gala: History and theme of the world's biggest fashion event

The organising committee decides a special theme for the event every year. For instance, Met Gala 2023's theme was 'Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty', while Met Gala 2024's theme is 'Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion'. The first-ever Met Gala was held in 1948 as a midnight supper club known as The Costume Institute Benefit. It was in 1973 when the concept of themes was introduced at the Met Gala. The first theme-based Met Gala was held on March 21, 1973, with the theme, 'The World of Balenciaga'.

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Ahead of the Met Gala 2024, an Italian model shocks everyone with his confession about the 2023 Met Gala

Amidst all the buzz around the Met Gala 2024, which is going to be held on May 6, 2024, a controversy has erupted in the international media. For the unversed, the Italian model's confession regarding last year's event has shocked the entire world. The male model made a few claims against the organisers and authority that regulates the Met Gala, which has put a big question mark on their reputation. Another reason why the entire controversy is getting a lot of limelight is because it involves the global celebrity, Kylie Jenner. 

Meet Italian model, Eugenio Casnighi, who allegedly got fired from Met Gala after he stole the limelight from the second most-followed female person on Instagram with 400 million followers, Kylie Jenner, at Met Gala 2023. For the unversed, Casnighi is a professional model, who also worked as a greeter at Met Gala 2023. However, he uploaded a video in May 2024 in which he revealed that Met Gala fired him because he went viral on social media. Further, in the same TikTok video, Casnighi added that the organisers disinvited him because he garnered a lot of attention. He said:

"I just got fired from the Met Gala. They fired me because I went viral last year. You made it about yourself, so we don't want to work with you anymore."

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In the same video, Eugenio Casnighi clearly stated that he was told to work with famous American socialite, Kylie Jenner at the 2023 Met Gala. However, after this, he received a lot of attention reportedly because of his looks, and Eugenio was terminated from Met Gala 2023.

The Italian model, Eugenio Casnighi admitted that it was disappointing for him to get removed from Kylie Jenner's team. Speaking about Kylie Jenner, Eugenio lauded Kylie for her looks and the kind of person she is. He spoke in the video:

"But when people took pictures of the actual celebrity, like Kylie Jenner, of course I ended up in the picture. I still think she's beautiful. I can say much more, because legally I can say whatever I want now."

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Eugenio Casnighi has a strong fanbase of 214K followers on Instagram, and after his video about being fired from Met Gala 2023 went viral on TikTok, several people commented on his pictures. While some lauded his looks, most of the people were in awe of his fashion and style quotient.

As of now, it is not known whether the claims made by Eugenio in his video are true or not, but the story has been doing rounds all over the internet. Eugenio is currently leading all the headlines and even gained the title, 'Man who stole the limelight from Kylie Jenner'. 

What are your thoughts on Eugenio Casnighi's claims against Met Gala? Let us know. 

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