10 Unique Karwa Chauth Mehendi Designs Trending This Festive Season And Tips To Darken The Colour

Here are 10 points which include trending mehendi designs, rituals, basically a complete handbook of all that you need to know about Karwa Chauth ki mehendi.


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10 Unique Karwa Chauth Mehendi Designs Trending This Festive Season And Tips To Darken The Colour

Karwa Chauth, a festival that is eagerly awaited by married women and is widely celebrated in North India. This festival does not simply symbolise a woman’s love for her husband, but it also gives her the opportunity to do the best thing, deck-up and make-up!

While there’s no doubt in the fact that Karwa Chauth is all about women dressing in their traditional best and getting their solah sringaar on point. But this beautiful festival is all about ladies adorning their hand with mehendi and see it getting darker with each passing day! But applying mehendi on the day of Karwa Chauth is not just about fashion. There are many rituals, significances, do’s and don’ts that go with Karwa Chauth wali mehendi. While we share the same with you before you begin preparations to make your hubby go weak in the knees for you, all over again, here are 10 points that will include trending mehendi designs, rituals, basically a complete handbook of all that you need to know about Karwa Chauth ki mehendi. So what are you waiting for? Let the celebrations begin!

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#1. Because design is first and…

Mehendi design

We know that you won’t be able to contain your excitement to take a look at the ideas and hence, we are putting it on the listicle first! While it is a known fact that any form or pattern of mehendi adorned on your palms and feet is beautiful but it is also not harmful to stay updated on what’s trending in the Karwa Chauth wali mehendi sphere!


As you can see, this year is a lot about creativity and pictures of pati and patni on the latter’s palm. So why not go by the weather and adorn your palm with a caricature of your and your patidev ka face? Oh, and you’re welcome (*wink*)!

#2. We can never have enough ideas!

Divyanka Tripathi's mehendi
Image Courtesy: The Wedding Story

We just popped in again to tell you that if you can get a caricature of your hubby on your palm, why not get his face sketched on your palm and surprise him? But an important tip in here would be to let your mehendi artist know well in advance because you know how busy he/she is going to be!


Because it is you who is fasting (some of yours hubby too might do it for you), show some love for yourself too)! Why don’t you adorn your face looking shyly at the camera with a channi on your hand, like the one above? And welcome again!

#3. What’s a Karwa Chauth mehendi without some tease?

Mehendi design for the bride

Image Courtesy: Biyani Photography

Yes, we mean you have fasted the whole day for his happiness and lambi umar, make sure that he doesn’t find his name that easy in your mehendi. Hide it in your palm-tips or beneath the blooming lotus that you had always wanted to engrave in your mehendi.

Mehendi design for the bride

Ask your mehendi artist to scatter the alphabets of his name all over your mehendi or get it made it in the form of a picture illustration like the one shown in the picture above. For instance, if your hubby’s name is Kamal, get a lotus drawn in the centre of your palm and ask him to find it! (woot woot!)

#4. Because why?


Time for some gyaan now! While applying mehendi might be fun and just adds to the festivity but wonder why applying henna on your palms is considered auspicious? Many renowned Vastu experts have time and again suggested that applying mehendi brings prosperity and happiness in the life of near and dear ones. Speaking specifically about the importance of applying mehendi in Karwa Chauth, it comes under one of the solah sringaar and suhaagan ki nishaani and what could be better than merging your love for mehendi and sringaar in one combo ‘festive’ package! Also, just for the initiated, it is said that the darker your mehendi is, the more love you get from her hubby.

#5. How do I darken my mehendi?


Well, the quality of henna is extremely important to ensure that your mehendi is dark, but there are a few gharelu nuske will have boasted of giving you some sure-shot results for a rich, dark brown mehendi. Try taking ‘clove steam’ by warming a few cloves in a pan and running your hands over the smoke. Make sure that you don’t end up burning your palm.


Another easy nuska that you can apply is to dab a mixture of lemon juice and sugar on your semi-dried mehendi, with a cotton ball for a few times. You can also try spreading some powdered sugar on the lemon, and directly apply it on the mehendi. A tip: Do not overuse the lemon and sugar solution, as it may dilute the mehendi paste and spoil the design.

#6. Nail Art and mehendi is a pitch perfect combo!


It is a combined job of well-kept nails and mehendi that will make you want to model your palms! However, the most interesting catch in here is either do a nail art after you’ve applied your mehendi or…

Mehendi designs for brides

… you can art your nail using mehendi! It not only makes your palm look super-stylish but will also make people ask you about how you got it done!

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#7. Do’s about Karva Chauth mehendi

Karva Chauth mehendi

Very, very important. Before getting mehendi applied in your palms (we totally understand what a pain it is given the last moment rush), eat and drink for you might find it difficult to do it yourself for the next few hours due to obvious reasons! Let your mehendi artist know well in advance about your ideas (if any).

Karva Chauth mehendi

Also, don’t forget to wash and pat dry your hands and legs properly before you start applying mehendi on your palms. Sit in a place where there’s ample light and wear something comfortable as you will have to sit and wait for hours for the mehendi application to be completed.

#8. No-No’s about Karwa Chauth mehendi

Karva Chauth mehendi

More than the do’s, there are many don’ts that you must follow if you want a seamless mehendi experience! Eat and drink, but in the limit for going to the loo might pose as a major hassle. Make sure that you DO NOT apply any kind of moisturiser, serum or body butter on your hands and legs as it may minimise the mehendi absorption into your skin.

Karva Chauth mehendi

It is advisable to not sit in the sun while the mehendi is being applied. Also, ensure that you don’t blow-dry your mehendi under any circumstances. This may smudge your design and ruin it. Avoid getting yourself waxed or shave your hands/legs after applying mehendi as it might scrape off the upper layer of your skin and the leave the mehendi design looking faded.

#9. Pssst! Here’s the secret of long-lasting mehendi

Karva Chauth mehendi

To get the best results of mehendi on Karwa Chauth, get mehendi applied at least 24 to 48 hours before it. Keep the mehendi on your hand for a minimum of seven to eight hours and a maximum for 12 hours.

Karva Chauth mehendi

While we have already shared with you the ‘clove steam’ and ‘lemon-sugar’ trick, here’s some mehendi-scraping secrets. Only after your mehendi dries completely, rub it off and apply any balm or cooking oil on your hands and feet. Cover your hands with a cling film, bandage or any other similar thing, while going to sleep or while performing any other ceremony.

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#10. Any measures of removing fading mehendi early?

Karva Chauth mehendi

With mehendi, even when it’s fading it looks amazing! But if you still want to remove fading mehendi earlier than usual, try applying Hydrogen Peroxide solution, bleach, a mixture of baking soda and lemon or saltwater solution.

So dear ladies, here are ideas, do’s and don’ts, significances; basically, a handbook of all that you need to keep in mind before applying mehendi during Karwa Chauth. It would be great to know about how your Karwa Chauth 2019 was! Keep us posted!

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