Mansi On Ex Mohit's Cheating Allegations: 'If Moving On Post Breakup Is Cheating, I'm An Illiterate'

Sometime back, a post from Mohit Abrol had a lengthy note about his relationship with Mansi Srivastava and how they broke up. But he later claimed that he didn't write it and his account was hacked.


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Mansi On Ex Mohit's Cheating Allegations: 'If Moving On Post Breakup Is Cheating, I'm An Illiterate'

Different people have their own unique ways to deal with breakups. If someone wants to get over their ex, some do an Aditya (from Jab We Met) and flush her memories down the toilet, while others, delve into self-love mode. Some stalk their exes on the social media despite moving on from their breakup, while others don’t get up from their bed crying nights remembering the moments with their lover-turned-ex. While following a ‘I don’t care anymore’ attitude is the most essential yet the most grinding one, it is also interesting to see how our telly world celebrities deal with their breakups. (Also Read: Shilpa Shetty Kundra's Hubby, Raj Kundra Can't Wait To See Her On-Screen After A 13 Year Sabbatical)

It was on July 29, 2019, when a pop up from Porus fame, Mohit Abrol’s Instagram handle had shocked everyone, in which he had accused his ex, Mansi Srivastava for cheating on him. Mohit and Mansi had gotten engaged in a private affair on August 21, 2016, but a couple of months ago, they had called off their relationship. Ending their six years of togetherness, Mansi had cited the reasons to be irreconcilable differences and compatibility issues. And on July 29, 2019, a post from Mohit had a lengthy note about his relationship with Mansi and how they broke up.

Mohit Abrol and Mansi Srivastava

Though the post was later removed from his social media handle, Mohit Abrol claimed to the Bombay Times that his account was hacked. About his split with Mansi Srivastava, Mohit had said, “I don’t know what went wrong between Mansi and me. We were engaged, and she didn’t even tell me that she had decided to call it off. I even tried to approach her and her friends to make sense of things. We lived together for eight years and I deserved an explanation. All I wanted was closure from her, which I never got. I got to know recently that she has already moved on and is dating a guy, while I have been suffering. These past few months have been extremely difficult.”

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Post calling off his engagement with Mansi Srivastava, Mohit Abrol had decided to quit acting and relocate to Delhi. Elaborating on the same, he had stated, “For me, Mumbai is Mansi. Heartbroken, I am leaving the city for now. I need to be away, as this city holds many memories of us together. We are both from Delhi and I came to Mumbai for her. I had no intention of becoming an actor. I did everything for her. I have now lost faith in love.”

Mohit Abrol and Mansi Srivastava

When The Times Of India contacted Mansi Srivastava to comment on the whole scenario, she retorted, “First, I am a self-made girl and am proud of it. I won’t let anyone snatch that away from me. It’s sad that these days people’s characters are judged upon social media ranting, allegations are made and judgement is passed. I have always maintained a dignified silence on this topic and will do so in the future, too. If moving on after a break-up is cheating in Mohit’s dictionary, then I’m an illiterate! Just because somebody ends a relationship, it doesn’t mean you go all out to destroy the one you said you loved immensely.”

Mansi and Mohit

The Ishqbaaz star further continued, “A couple doesn’t decide to end their relationship without any reason. I would advise everyone to find their significant other wisely, who respects you and your family, and is loyal. Reality is actually way different from how it is portrayed. I don’t want to comment on his disloyalties or temper. He can paint me with whatever colour he wants, black or grey. He might choose to pose as a victim and earn sympathy, but I prefer to live with self-respect. I am hurt that I have to give a statement like this and have to defend myself for things I haven’t done.” (Also Read: Kiara Advani Twins In White With Rumoured Beau Sidharth Malhotra, Leaves Her Birthday Party With Him)

When asked if she had moved on in life with Kapil Tejwani, who is a photographer, Mansi Srivastava added, “He is not the reason why things didn’t work out between Mohit and me. It will be wrong to blame a third person if we couldn’t make things work out between us. As of now, I can say that I am thankful to my friends and family for their support in these difficult times. As far as Kapil is concerned, we have just started knowing each other and it’s too early to say anything. Mohit and I had been facing issues since last year, which is why I finally broke up in January.” 

Mansi Srivastava

The open letter posted on Mohit Abrol's Instagram, which was later deleted, could be read as, "I wanted to see her again, to say goodbye the way I wanted. Then I realised if I got my way, I would never say goodbye How hard is it to say goodbye to people you really love and care. It's like cutting away a part of your body and throwing it away. I'm content that you moved on. I have loved you truly, for me it was forever Then I realised that nothing lasts forever. Forever is a lie."

The post had further stated, “You moved on while still engaged to me but what hurts the most is it's not the first time you did it. I know it IT WONT BE THE LAST. Don't use your new lover like you used me or don't use him for eight long Years. You lived in with me for all this time like a wife. I took all your responsibility and what I got in return From Delhi to Mumbai, I took care of everything from your finances to driving you to auditions I did everything for you what a husband does. Living in for eight years with you made me responsible. I gave you my eight long years, eight years of mine. I didn't care about my career, my health all I cared about was you.”

Mohit Abrol

The post had concluded on the note, “Even when you had an affair with Arhaan and I tried to kill my self with sleeping pills, I got up after 3 days in ICU and you weren't even there. You were never there when I needed you. I had let you go that time but when Arhaan left you you tried coming back and made my life hell made my life hell. I finally took you back thinking you have changed was mistaken, I regret that moment when I took you back. It should have been over then only. Anyway I'm proud that I survived whatever you did to me but karma isn't so kind you will get what you deserve not now but you will till then have a ball with your new lover Best of luck Mansi Srivastava @dearmansi and Kapil tejvani @kapiltejwani Please don't use him and boy don't get used.” (Also Read: Shantanu Maheshwari Shares Sneak Peek From His Next Performance Based On His Real-Life Mishap)

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On the professional front, while Mohit was last seen in Porus in 2017, Mansi is currently portraying Lavanya in Divya Drishti.

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