6 Inspirational Mandap Photos You Must Show To Your Wedding Planner


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6 Inspirational Mandap Photos You Must Show To Your Wedding Planner

Whenever we have a wedding in the family or when planning our own wedding, we mostly tend to overlook the mandap and focus all our energies on the food, wedding stage, tables and centrepieces. But, think about it! Mandap is the spot where the most important thing happens. Right from the saat pheras and mangalsutra to sindoor ceremony, this is where the real wedding takes place and photographers capture some of the most beautiful and raw emotions of the family as well as the bride and the groom!

So, for those of you who want to get a few ideas about the mandap décor, do give our compilation a look! There’s more than one that you will fall for.

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#1. Offebeat touch with a splash of flowers

mandap designs

Image Courtesy: Mahima Bhatia Photography

There’s nothing extravagant about this mandap. Yet, we love its simplicity which defines the real beauty of this mandap. Also, it allows people to move around without coming in way of the photographers who take some of their finest shots right at the mandap where the real vows are taken! 

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#2. The royal connect

mandao designs

Image Courtesy: Stories by Joseph Radhik via Devika Narain

This looked like a movie set at first where a royal wedding is all set to take place. But wait, it’s a real life mandap that came from the mind of a genius and created by artisans from Vrindavan! We love the pop of colours in the surrounding area and the intricate detailing of the dome. There is place for all to sit which will allow everyone to see the wedding. 

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#3. The floating mandap

mandap designs
Image Courtesy: Stories by Joseph Radhik via Devika Narain

The mandap is not really floating, but has enough water around it because of the rain! Apparently, it was planted right in the middle of the courtyard and has the perfect combination of orange and pink that can brighten up any dull grey day! In fact, even the flowers add to the charm as they float around the mandap and the rain continues it’s pitter-patter! Who doesn’t want such a dreamy mandap?

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#4. The rosy dome

mandap design

Image Courtesy: The Wedding Design Company

If you love the colour red and rose is your favourite flower, then this is what you must show your wedding planner. There are a million roses on the dome and at the foot of the pillar! You have all the roses in the world spread out for you!

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#5. All things bright and beautiful!

mandap designs

Image Courtesy: Dkreate Photography

If all you want in your mandap is a splash of colours, then this is the one for you. The fabrics are bright, eye-popping and beautiful at the same time. We absolutely love how the flowers are binding the fabric to the pillar.

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#6. Alongside the beach

mandap design

mandap designs

Image Courtesy: Dkreate Photography

Stunning is the word! The flowy fabric goes with the ‘mandap by the beach’ as the fabris swirls just like the waves. Well, we can only say that under the azure blue skies, the mandap looks nothing less than magical.

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Did any of these tickle your brains? If so, then do try and make sure your wedding planner sees these and knows your vision for your special day. Talk about your taste in colour and style that can be incorporated at the venue. Trust us, such conversations come a long way in helping them understand clients’ requirements and they give in their best to live up to your expectations!

Cover Image Courtesy: Robin Saini Photography