Manav Gohil Reveals Key To His Happy Married Life With Wife, Shweta Kawaatra, Addresses 'Blame Game'

Television actor, Manav Gohil addressed the vital key to his 'happy marriage' with his wife Shweta Kawaatra. The actor also recalled an incident when he and his wife had landed in the wrong city.


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Manav Gohil Reveals Key To His Happy Married Life With Wife, Shweta Kawaatra, Addresses 'Blame Game'

During the shooting of daily television soap, Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii, Manav Gohil and Shweta Kawaatra had met for the first time. But there wasn't anything romantic, nor did they feel any spark. Both were more than glad to be friends. However, their bonding was meant to grow even stronger.

After a while, Manav Gohil had developed a liking towards Shweta Kawaatra. But as they say, love knows how to find its way. It had taken time, but slowly, everything had fallen into place, and they had started dating each other. Being friends, there was no secret between them; rather, their relationship had a lot of transparency. After dating for nearly three-and-a-half years, they got married in 2004.

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Shweta Kawaatra

In an interview with the ETimes, when Manav Gohil was asked to reflect on his 17 years of married life with his wife, Shweta Kawaatra, the doting husband revealed many hidden details about their relationship. The doting husband called Shweta his 'travel buddy' and talked about their constant road trips in all these years. He said, "We have had so many heartwarming moments together, so many memories... life has been wonderful. Shweta is not just my life partner, but even my travel buddy. There have been a number of road trips that we have done together and had a blast."

Shweta Manav

Going further in his interview, Manav Gohil also opened up about the key to their 'happy married life' and added that he and his wife, Shweta Kawaatra, still say 'I love you' to each other, even after so many years of marriage. He said, "We both are very grateful to have each other in our lives. We also believe in appreciating one another openly and say what we feel. I think after 17 years of being together that is the key to our happy marriage. We still say 'I love you' and at times, randomly send appreciation messages to each other. I have shared many beautiful moments with Shweta, and I would love to continue doing that."

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Manav Shwataara

In the same interview, Manav Gohil also recalled one of the hilarious incidents from his married life with his wife, Shweta Kawaatra. The doting husband stated that once he and Shweta had gone on a vacation and had ended up in the wrong city. He had said, "Once we were on a road trip in New Zealand. We stayed in a particular city for a day because we thought we had a flight to catch from there to head to another place. Just a few hours before our flight, we realised that we were in the wrong city."

Manav Shwataara

In the end of the interview, Manav Gohil also addressed the blame game between him and his wife, Shweta Kawaatra. He said, "I remember how we packed in a hurry and somehow rushed from there and finally made it for our flight on time. Of course on our way, there was a lot of blame game, and it was all very funny! So yes, we have been together in all such situations and enjoyed with each other."

Manav Shawataara

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Manav Gohil will be seen next in the much-awaited film, Laal Singh Chaddha.

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