Despite Salman Khan's Advice, Malaika Arora Khan To End Her Marriage With Arbaaz Khan?


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Despite Salman Khan's Advice, Malaika Arora Khan To End Her Marriage With Arbaaz Khan?

Seems like it is the season of splits in Bollywood. Earlier, one of the cutest couples of B-town, Ranbir and Katrina parted ways, then Farhan and Adhuna called it quits after 16 years of their marriage, and now the rumours may just be true on this one. According to Mumbai Mirror, Malaika Arora is finally filing for a divorce and is ending her 18-year-old marriage with Arbaaz Khan.

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(Above pic: Arbaaz and Malaika in happier times, READ: Love Story Of Arbaaz And Malaika)

Reportedly, Malaika's brother-in-law Salman Khan tried to patch up the things between Arbaaz and Malaika. In a last ditch effort, he called up his sister-in-law to make her understand that ending the marriage of almost two decades is not a good idea. But seems like Malaika has now made up her mind. Malaika is not ready to reconsider her decision even on Salman Khan’s advice, suggests latest report in Mumbai Mirror.

According to a report:

"Malaika's parents along with her sister Amrita met Malaika and Arbaaz at a suburban restaurant to sit and sort out the differences, but nothing positive came out of it. In fact, Arbaaz stormed out of the place, yelling at photographers who were trying to capture the private family moment. Malaika and Arbaaz then drove away in two separate cars. The differences have been growing wider over the last few years and looks like there's no stopping the two now."

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Malaika has even moved out of their home with their 14-years-old son, Arhaan. She is currently living in an apartment, close to her sister Amrita’s in-laws’ apartment.

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The whiff of trouble in their love nest appeared when Malaika stopped appearing on the show Power Couple, in which she was a co-judge along with Arbaaz. Arbaaz was often left on his own as Malaika would repeatedly leave in between the shows to attend her other commitments. They appeared together in just three episodes. However, they would always reach the sets or leave for home in separate cars and stay in separate hotel rooms.

Meanwhile, Arbaaz’s father Salim has left it to the couple to sort out their issues. As reported by PTI, he refused to comment on their relationship, saying he doesn't interfere in the personal lives of his children.

Let's hope they re-consider their decision as we think they make a very beautiful couple.

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