Mahhi Vij Slams A Troller Who Questions The Actress' Love For Her Adopted Kids, Khushi And Rajveer

Trollers will remain trollers and they will never understand the meaning of personal life. Scroll down as Mahhi Vij slams a troller questioning her love for her adopted kids!


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Mahhi Vij Slams A Troller Who Questions The Actress' Love For Her Adopted Kids, Khushi And Rajveer

A child is a child, biological or adopted is just another meaningless tags. When a woman opts for an adoption, she grows her child in her heart instead of her tummy. For a mother, her adopted child is not less than her biological baby. No amount of words can ever define her love for her kids, and the moment you raise a finger on her baby, she will turn into a 'mumma bear'. And television actress, Mahhi Vij is a perfect example of it. (Recommend Read: Katrina Kaif And Vicky Kaushal Were Seen Sporting The Same White Hoody, Amidst Dating Rumours)

Mahhi Vij and Jay Bhanushali had taken the role of parents after seven years of their marriage. The duo had adopted their caretakers' children, Khushi and Rajveer. The moment they had taken the responsibility, they had made sure to love them like their own biological kids. They happily celebrate every occasion with them and make sure to shower them with lots of love. 

On August 26, 2020, Mahhi took to her Instagram stories and shared glimpses of her kids, Rajveer and Khushi as they were leaving for their hometown. The actress shared a picture with her hubby, Jay and her kids, Rajveer and Khushi. However, a troller tried trolling her and messaged her, "Aapko ab kya farak padta hai. Since, Tara has arrived you love her only. Rajveer and Khushi are now a burden for you. If not why did you send them for months." Sharing the screenshot of the message, Mahhi wrote, "Madam apki soch bahut ghatiya hai". Check it out below:

This is not the first time, when a troller had tried trolling Mahhi. Earlier, a follower of Mahhi had given her an unwanted suggestion to combat under-eye dark circles. On July 5, 2020, Mahhi Vij had taken to her IG stories and had shared pictures and videos from her post-cycling session to stay fit. And that's when, her under-eye dark circles had caught a fan's attention, who had messaged her suggesting an eye serum for her dark circles. On this, Mahhi had given a befitting reply, and had written, "Yeah dark circles which I never had in my life but they are worth it as I am looking after my child. No help even more than her I’ll get I am a lil paranoid." (Also Read: Shikha Singh Shares Adorable Pictures Of Her Baby Angel, Alayna With Her Super-Cute 'Goku Bhaiya')

Mahhi treats her all three kids equally, and she often shares sweet notes for Rajveer, Khushi and Tara. We remember once she had shared a note for them, which could be read as "You three complete me! Khushi, my first child, you'll always be very special to me. You are the best daughter and I m happy that Tara will follow your footsteps. Rajveer my second child the most caring brother from asking visitors to sanitize their hands to making sure tara is ok I love you Rajveer you make me a proud mumma. Tara, we have prayed for you, yes we have prayed for you. You are surprising mumma by each passing day with so much patience. I love you my little one. Thank you, god, for my three angels." (Don't Miss: Ayushmann Khurrana And Tahira Kashyap Pose In Ethnic Outfits, Exude 'Mere Liye Tum Kafi Ho' Vibes)

Mahhi Vij's kids

Well, Mahhi gave a perfect reply to the troller!

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