When Reena Roy Threatened To Marry Anyone If Shatrughan Sinha Doesn't Marry Her In Eight Days

The love triangle between Shatrughan Sinha, Reena Roy and Poonam Sinha was the talk of the town in those days. Scroll down to know an interesting anecdote about the same!


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When Reena Roy Threatened To Marry Anyone If Shatrughan Sinha Doesn't Marry Her In Eight Days

One of the most favourite things for Bollywood buffs is to dig out old, Classic stories that had created quite a stir back in those days. And amongst them, the most favourite ones would be the alleged love affairs between actors. One such love triangle which had grabbed headlines back in those days was of Shatrughan Sinha, Reena Roy and Poonam Sinha. Scroll down to know an interesting anecdote about the same!

While surfing through social media, we found a still from the iconic film, Hathkadi which featured the infamous love triangle of the '80s, Shatrughan Sinha, Reena Roy and Poonam Sinha. The producer, Pahlaj Nihlani had a hard time bringing the trio together for a movie. Reena Roy was casted for a pivotal role in the movie, which by the way had Shatrughan Sinha and Poonam Sinha in the lead roles. As it turns out, Pahlaj Nihlani was caught in the crossfire between the lovers. The tension had increased so much that Reena Roy had even threatened not to do any more movies with him again. Not only this she had said that she would marry in eight days with anyone if Shatrughan Sinha doesn't marry her. 

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Shatrughan Sinha and Reena Roy

The Producer of Haathkadi, Pahlaj Nihalani, one of Shatrughan's closest friends during his stint in films, had endorsed Poonam's graciousness about Reena Roy's situation. Pahlaj's professional association with Shatrughan Sinha had begun with Haathkadi (1982) which had also starred Sanjeev Kumar and Reena Roy in important roles. And he was caught in the crossfire between the two lovers. According to some Reddit sources, Pahlaj Nihlani had said, "After Haathkadi, I was keen to repeat the same setup of Shatru, Reena, Sanjeev Kumar for my next film, Aandhi Toofan. But Reena said a firm 'No' to my offer. She said to me, 'Tell your friend to make up his mind. If he gives me an answer, I'll do the next film with him. Otherwise, it's a 'No'. I've made up my mind that if he doesn't marry me, I'm going to get married in eight days'." 

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Some time ago, Shatrughan Sinha had made an appearance on The Kapil Sharma Show along with his wife, Poonam Sinha and the couple had spilt beans on their super adorable love story. Poonam had shared that they had met on a train from Patna to Mumbai while she was travelling back home after attending a relative's wedding. In the same train, Shatrughan was travelling as he was heading to join FTII. Their berth was opposite to each other, and they both had sat there crying. She had further revealed that she was sad as her mother had scolded her and Shatrughan was unhappy as he had to leave his parents. 

The Kapil Sharma Show

Further, in the show, Shatrughan had also shared the moment when his elder brother, Ram Sinha, and director, NN Sippy had taken his proposal to Poonam. Her mother had rejected the proposal and was furious at the men for even coming home. She used to feel that Shatrughan looked like a goon with his pale complexion and marks on his face. On the other hand, her daughter was a former Miss India and extremely beautiful. She couldn't imagine how the two would look together in the wedding pictures. Well, the rest as they, is history!

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