Lee Min-ho Revealed That Song Hye-kyo Is His Ideal Type And That He Regrets Kissing Park Shin-hye

Hallyu superstar, Lee Min ho, in an interview, revealed that Song Hye kyo is his ideal type and also accepted that he regrets kissing Park Shin hye without her permission.


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Lee Min-ho Revealed That Song Hye-kyo Is His Ideal Type And That He Regrets Kissing Park Shin-hye

Lee Min ho rules the South Korean entertainment industry like no other. Ever since his debut in 2006, Lee Min ho has ruled the hearts of his fans, and his fandom isn’t restricted to the boundaries of South Korea. He is a global force to be reckoned so naturally, fans are always curious about the not-much-known love life of their favourite Hallyu star. 

Lee Min ho has always preferred to keep his personal life under wraps. Be it about his affair with Bae Suzy or with Park Min-young, the megastar has hardly revealed any crucial information pertaining to his personal life. Only once in an interview, Lee Min ho revealed his ideal type of woman, and fans were pleasantly surprised to know that the Descendants Of The Sun actress, Song Hye kyo was the one.

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Lee Min ho revealed that Song Hye kyo is his ideal type

In his interview with Asia Star, Lee Min ho revealed that he wants to work opposite the Descendants Of The Sun actress, Song Hye kyo, and even openly addressed her as his ideal type. This statement came soon after Lee Min ho and Bae Suzy split and Song Hye kyo divorced her husband, Song Joong ki, so fans started to request Hallyu makers to cast the two in a project. Talking about Song Hye kyo, Lee Min ho further revealed:

“I really want to work with my ideal type, Song Hye kyo sunbaenim. Although she has an elegant and classy style her aura is also very strong and her acting talent is outstanding. If we act together, I think I can learn a lot from Song Hye kyo unnie but maybe I will be very nervous to work with her.”

This wasn’t all, Lee Min ho further divulged about his ideal woman. The Heirs star added that his ideal girlfriend doesn’t need to be very tall but needs to have fair skin. She has to have a mature personality and be cute and clumsy at times. He also added that he likes girls who feel like comfort and home to come back to after a harsh day at work. Lee Min ho further added:

“I’d like a girl who makes me happy and comfortable after a harsh and tiring day at work.”

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Lee Min-ho shed some light on his controversial kiss with Park Shin hye

Lee Min-ho and Park Shin-hye starred together in the drama, Heirs, where the duo shared a passionate kiss. However, it was later revealed by Park Shin hye that Lee Min ho kissed her without consent, she added that she wasn’t informed either by the director or by Lee Min ho that it would happen. Talking about the kiss, Park Shin hye added:

“I was really surprised. During that kiss scene, I grabbed Lee Min Ho's shirt.”

This sparked a lot of controversy, to which Lee Min ho later clarified that the kiss was the script's requirement, and he felt terrible about the ‘surprise’ kiss. He even divulged that he was only following the director's orders and had no ulterior motive behind the kiss. Giving an exclusive byte to KStar, Lee Min-ho stated:

“Since the kiss was the culmination of all the events and emotions leading up to it, there was no other alternative than to do it for real, I did regret that no one told Park Shin Hye beforehand because usually, actresses are given an idea of what will happen.”

Upcoming projects of Lee Min ho

Lee Min ho is all set to appear in his next space-romance drama, Ask The Stars. The drama is a romantic comedy about an astronaut and a tourist who fall in love at a space station. Lee Min-Ho is paired opposite actress, Gong Hyo Jin. The drama's shooting is over and is currently in its post-production stage. Fans are excitedly waiting for Lee Min-Ho’s first project after his three-year-long break. Apart from this, the actor will soon begin the shooting for Pachinko season 2.

Let us know your views on Lee Min-ho’s ideal type and his budding fondness for Song Hye kyo. 

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