Kriti Sanon Reveals Why Mom Didn't Allow Her To Do 'Lust Stories', Says, 'It Was All About Orgasm'

Kriti Sanon revealed why her mom, Geeta Sanon, did not allow her to act in the short film, 'Lust Stories'. Check out!


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Kriti Sanon Reveals Why Mom Didn't Allow Her To Do 'Lust Stories', Says, 'It Was All About Orgasm'

Growing up in a middle-class family has its own advantages and disadvantages. From taking your parent's permission for every decision to abiding them by heart, you would have to do it all. And Bollywood actress, Kriti Sanon seems to be experiencing the same. 

Even after belonging from Delhi, Kriti takes her mom and dad’s permission for every role she takes on. In a recent interaction with a media portal, the actress revealed why she had rejected the film, Lust Stories in 2018. For the unversed, the movie was later taken by actress, Kiara Advani, and it became a superhit. 

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In a recent interview with India Today, an engineer turned actress, Kriti Sanon, revealed why she rejected to take the lead role in the film, Lust Stories opposite Vicky Kaushal. She said that according to her mother, Geeta Sanon, it was not a full-fledged film but a 20-minutes act only about female orgasms. In her words:

“It was a short film, not a full-fledged film, so my mother said it was a 20-minute thing about only a female orgasm. ‘If you doing a 20-minute thing in a full-fledged film, that would make sense’. That was the whole discussion, so I felt like maybe, I shouldn’t.” 


In the same interview, Kriti Sanon’s mother, Geeta, was asked about the reason behind not allowing her daughter to act in Lust Stories. Answering which, Geeta said that she felt that the Sanon family would not feel comfortable seeing Kriti doing an orgasm scene at the very beginning of her career. She said:

“I thought we would not be comfortable seeing her doing such a scene at the beginning of her career. It’s about orgasm, only.”

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Further, in the conversation, Kriti mentioned that her family did not have any problem with the script, but they were conscious of how it would look to the audience. She said that if director, Karan Johar had a talk with her mom, then she would be permitted to do the movie. She stated:

“I think her problem was more that it was a short film. I don’t think there’s anything wrong, but how it will be made, how it will look, maybe like Karan said, if he had talked to my mother, it would have been alright.”


Do you think Kriti Sanon should have performed in Lust Stories instead of Kiara Advani? Let us know!

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