Kishwer Merchantt's 'Nanad', Shruti Rai Finally Reveals Who Her Bhabhi's Baby Boy, Niravir Resembles

Kishwer Merchantt and Suyyash Rai have been hiding the face of their newborn, Nirvair. However, his 'bua', Shruti Rai revealed whom he resembles more!


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Kishwer Merchantt's 'Nanad', Shruti Rai Finally Reveals Who Her Bhabhi's Baby Boy, Niravir Resembles

Kishwer Merchantt and her husband, Suyyash Rai are on cloud nine as their wait of nine months finally came to an end on August 27, 2021. The 40-year-old actress had given birth to a baby boy, whom they have named Nirvair. Kishwer has not revealed her son’s face yet, however, in an exclusive conversation with BollywoodShaadis, her nanad, Shruti Rai spilt the beans on how her nephew looks like.  

It was on August 27, 2021, when Kishwer Merchantt’s nanad, Shruti Rai had posted two emoticons of nervousness and excitement on her IG stories, giving in a hint that ‘Sukish ka baby’ is on the way. Later, after the baby’s birth, Shruti had dropped a picture of the newborn baby from the hospital room, holding his hand, and covering his face with a “Hello world Baby is here” placard. Shruti had written, "New Aunt Alert The dude is here @suyyashrai @kishwersmerchantt #sukishkababy" in the caption.

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Kishwer merchantt suyyash rai shruti rai newborn baby

As Kishwer and Suyyash have been hiding their little one, Nirvair’s face, his bua, Shruti Rai finally revealed, who he looks like! In an exclusive conversation with BollywoodShaadis, when asked who her nephew, Nirvair looks like, his bua, Shruti revealed that he looks like his mother, Kishwer. She talked about how earlier Niravir used to look like his father, Suyyash and now, he looks like his mother, Kishwer. Shruti said, “When Nirvair was born, he used to look like his father, Suyyash. However, now, he looks like his mother, Kishwer.” Shurti was also asked about who decided the baby boy’s name and what it means, she shared that the entire family had decided his name, and it means, “Having no grudges against anyone.”


Shruti Rai has come out as a big support for Kishwer Merchantt in her journey of motherhood. On August 31, 2021, Shruti had penned an appreciation post for Kishwer revealing her amazement to see her acing motherhood. She had shared a picture of Kishwer with her baby boy on her IG handle and had written, “Appreciation post for this girl @kishwersmerchantt. I had never imagined that this girl who I always thought of as so clumsy, carefree and so chilled out would become what she is today. So careful, so loving, so proactive as a mom, I’m amazed to the depths."

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Shruti had further praised Kishwer for enduring all the pains and had continued, "From a C Section to the pain, the sleepless nights, the chaos, the expectations, the reality, the changes, the physical ones and the mental ones… Everyone around you expects you to be perfect and excellent at each step you take, under scrutiny 24X7 but I will say take your time, enjoy every moment and have fun because I’m so sure you’ll be superb. Cheers to the best mom to be. I love you more cause you got my #Bunny to me. Also a little thanks to @suyyashrai (can’t miss) so."


On Shruti's appreciation post, Kishwer had thanked her for being with her during her pregnancy journey without flinching once. She had written, "Omg just when I had thought that I will do an appreciation post for u, u did it for me… All this that u have written would not have been possible without you... this was actually supposed to be done with Suyyash Rai but I am glad u were there, with so much knowledge and experience to share and support me all the time, u did not even flinch once when I vented out my frustrations on you, made u the target. Thank u so much for everything."


We cannot wait to see Kishwer Merchantt and Suyyash Rai’s baby boy, Nirvair!

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