Kishwer Merchantt's 'Nanad', Shruti Rai Pampers Her 7 Months Pregnant 'Bhabhi' With Delicious Food

Kishwer Merchantt shared a glimpse of the mouth-watering food sent to her by her 'nanad', Shurti Rai to pamper the actress as she is seven months pregnant.


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Kishwer Merchantt's 'Nanad', Shruti Rai Pampers Her 7 Months Pregnant 'Bhabhi' With Delicious Food

After four years of married life, Kishwer Merchantt and Suyyash Rai are expecting their first child together in August 2021. It was on March 2, 2021, when Kishwer and Suyyash had announced the news of their first pregnancy. The mommy-to-be is pampered by her husband and family and her nanad, Shruti Rai is going out of her way to shower love on her.

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Kishwer Merchantt’s nanad, Shruti Rai is doing everything to pamper her bhabhi and make her first pregnancy experience a memorable one. After Kishwer’s pregnancy announcement, Shruti had started the celebrations and had cut a cake. She had shared a picture of the cake on her IG stories with the ‘Best news ever’ and ‘Congrats’ GIFs.

Kishwer Merchantt Sister In Law

Kishwer Merchantt is in her third trimester and is 7 months pregnant. Her nanad, Shruti Rai pampered her with delicious food as she sent her chicken biryani. Kishwer shared a Boomerang of the biryani with some dip and wrote, “Thank u @raishrutirai” followed by a heart and kiss emoticon atop it.

Kishwer Merchantt Nanad Pamper

Shruti is ensuring that her bhabhi, Kishwer’s first pregnancy becomes a comfortable experience and during her second trimester, she had sent her a gift. Kishwer had shared a Boomerang, flaunting the easy-breezy kaftan gifted to her by her nanad. Sharing the Boomerang, Kishwer had written, “@raishrutirai thank you for this kaftan!!!” followed by a red heart emoticon atop it.

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Kishwer Merchantt Gets Gift From Nanad

In March 2021, Shruti had shared an ‘Ordered this and got this’ video on her IG handle, featuring her pregger bhabhi, Kishwer. While the first frame of the video had shown Kishwer posing in a floral monokini at her vacation in the Maldives, the second frame had shown her resting on the couch in her house, hogging on a plate full of meal. Sharing the video, Shruti had written, “She didn’t know I was using this audio. @kishwersmerchantt.”

Not just Shruti, Kishwer’s husband, Suyyash and her mother-in-law are also pampering her. On March 30, 2021, Kishwer had taken over her husband’s phone and had recorded a super cute moment. The mommy-to-be had shared Instagram stories on her hubby, Suyyash's IG handle. In the video which Kishwer had posted, we could see Suyyash making kheer for her while learning it over a video call from his mommy.

Suyyash Kishwer Food

Suyyash Pamper Kishwer

Kishwer Pampered By Husband and Mother-in-law

The singer-cum-actor, Suyyash had stepped into their kitchen again to make some yummilicious food for his pregnant wife. Kishwer had shared a picture of the dish made by her darling husband on her IG handle. Suyyash had made matar paneer for his pregnant wife, Kishwer and their yet-to-be-born baby. The paneer ki sabzi had looked delicious and Kishwer had written, “Paneer made by @Suyyashrai” atop it, followed by a heart emoticon.  

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Suyyash Rai Makes Food For Kishwer

Kishwer Merchantt is lucky to be blessed with a nanad, who is like a best friend and is making her first pregnancy a memorable and comfortable one.

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